2,400 Horsepower Triple Turbo Semi Truck Obliterates its Tires: Mike Ryan's Hillclimb Beast

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  • Published on:  Monday, April 22, 2019
  • If you've been to the movies at any point in your life - it's very possible that you've already been introduced to Mike Ryan's driving skills. And if his film driving resumé wasn't enough (Terminator 2, Independence Day, Rush Hour 3, Training Day, Fast and the Furious, the Avengers and more) - he's also raced this thing multiple times up Pikes Peak, and filmed a bunch of his own videos with it. See what goes into this 2,400 horsepower triple compound turbo machine, and how quick it can turn those giant rear tires to pure smoke.

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/e62DanYl5oY


  • Ronald Willis

    Ronald Willis

     11 hours ago

    Anyone see the dude on top of the container sleeping in the chair lol killer vid man

  • YouroGamer



    Ya kno, this has to take at least 500 to fill the tank and it's already gone an I havnt even finished the VID yet.

  • Rome Clasher

    Rome Clasher

     2 days ago

    The sick beats never disappoint! Turn it up n bump!! 👂🤪👂



     2 days ago

    Ken blocks next car should be a semi truck

  • Prin z

    Prin z

     2 days ago +1

    Lowkey been watching y'all for month's: Me

    Jus realized I never subscribed and hit that 🛎 : Also me



     2 days ago

    Imagine this thing going around the track drifting with some r34, Supras,mustangs etc.

  • Dalton Nash

    Dalton Nash

     3 days ago

    So much smoke!!

  • nextgen


     3 days ago

    What's the music played at 1:39 nvm lol (mentrias mckingfest) if y'all were wondering the same thing

  • Glenn Gammon

    Glenn Gammon

     3 days ago

    It is just another smog monster!!!! To the max!!!!!

  • JonasDTRND


     3 days ago

    Greta doesn't like that

  • Josh Neff

    Josh Neff

     4 days ago

    First time I've ever heard my home town in a video. I live pretty close to the Detroit Deisel too. Cambridge Ohio sucks though lol.

  • David Herbelin

    David Herbelin

     4 days ago

    So badass! Even more with the demolition man!

  • Daniel Bates

    Daniel Bates

     4 days ago

    From the grundle.. haven't been there in a while! Dude ur balls just drove that fu××in truck!👍

  • Germano Lauriano

    Germano Lauriano

     5 days ago

    Animal 👊

  • David Robinson

    David Robinson

     5 days ago

    Undefeated EXCEPT when I spun out. So, what you're trying to say is...you're not undefeated! Got it! 😋😜

  • batman batman

    batman batman

     5 days ago

    One thing the fast and the furious never did ..... a burn out to high jack a bank LOL 🤣

  • Kelson McNamee

    Kelson McNamee

     5 days ago +1

    Volvo Iron knight: chuckles I’m in danger

  • Michael Adams

    Michael Adams

     5 days ago

    This guy needs to come back

  • Andrew Thompson

    Andrew Thompson

     6 days ago

    Truck is amazing
    What the hell is playing at 1:25?

  • The real Sharps

    The real Sharps

     6 days ago

    No fucking point wing. No weight on the back so a shopping trolley would spin.