"This Is An Insult To Italy" | Kitchen Nightmares

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  • Published on:  Saturday, November 24, 2018
  • Source: https://youtu.be/eAZWn75Yn4k


  • The FBI

     7 months ago

    I've developed an unhealthy relationship with this channel.

  • MrTrainerGuy1

     21 days ago

    The CIA is watching you.

  • Blood Wolf

     24 days ago

    Wait.... If you're here, down the Ramsay rabbit hole, who's watching me???

  • mighty migs

     7 months ago

    "I think chef ramsey will like our food" famous last words

  • LO YO

     13 days ago

    That owner even knows that they are the famous last words... “I know they hear it on every show...” then you should know what happened to every single one of them lol

  • MegnuS3Rs

     18 days ago


  • Keevan Krishn

     7 months ago

    I know my food is goodI know it is good I mean..Pretty good...Right?

  • tommy desimonne

     25 days ago

    Absoloutly rotten

  • Junhao97 Dragon & Lion Dance Videos

     26 days ago

    He's in denial

  • Shrek Senpai

     7 months ago

    I play video games with Kitchen nightmares playing in the background so me and Gordan can rage at the same time

  • W1ll __L

     14 days ago

    Same I do with smash bros

  • Twined Mouse

     15 days ago

    Need a scholarship at Harvard kiddo?

  • Andre B

     4 months ago

    Owners: Chef Ramsay, help us. Our restaurant is failing.Ramsay: Your food sucks.Owners: HOW DARE YOU?!! OUR FOOD IS AWESOME!!!

  • Anupam Mukherjee

     17 days ago

    It's less food more drama! So obviously that's their way to build up...

  • P24p1

     23 days ago

    @Despair There's a reason that the majority of these restaurants are in this situation to begin with and still end up closing afterwardsYou can't fix stupid.

  • Milly Lessin!

     7 months ago

    “But you’re in denial...!”*_”nO, iM NOt iN DeNIaL”_*

  • Lalala Raham

     10 days ago

    How are you supposed to give a reply to that statement????

  • Tropical_ Kill

     1 months ago

    i DeNY tHaT i aM iN dEnIAL

  • MarTin ShorLux

     7 months ago

    What is Gordon Ramsey’s favorite pokemon?GASTLY

  • YC Yean

     4 days ago

    @angga lesmana NAH...HE IS "PRIMAL GROUDON RAMSAY"

  • Touch my willy

     24 days ago

    It’s ghastly not gastly

  • Viji

     7 months ago

    Gordon gets a cookie*Uses knife and fork*

  • tony✔️

     10 days ago

    And say : it's dry.

  • Brutal

     18 days ago

    That’s how you should be eating at a restaurant you filthy fat American

  • Stars And Buttons

     7 months ago

    Me: oh that looks pretty good! Ramsay: Disgusting and ghastly Me: oh ok

  • Mike Hunt

     24 days ago

    @first name last name they all looked pretty good

  • first name last name

     1 months ago

    Which meal in this video did you see as ''pretty good''?

  • MaskXxGamer

     7 months ago

    Those kids from Jr MasterChefs are better cooks.

  • Mico Carlo Adrian Ruiz

     2 months ago

    Yeah, theyre better

  • Nothingtoseehere

     6 months ago

    @na nu lol