Kathy Griffin On Being Blacklisted, Les Moonves, Donald Trump and Her Comeback

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, September 12, 2018
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  • Erskin Hansen

    Erskin Hansen

     11 months ago +929

    I actually sat through this entire video. You know it's good when you don't even check how much time is left.

  • Destined Queen

    Destined Queen

     5 months ago +476

    Katt Williams has ALWAYS been the realest dude in Hollywood

  • Jesse Colton

    Jesse Colton

     9 months ago +656

    "Andy Cohen is my friend."
    "Oh good for you, what's his skill set?"
    SAVAGE I love it

  • R


     8 months ago +316

    Kat Williams, Jamie Foxx, and Jim Carey was the people that seen to reach out to her at the end of the day.

  • Laura X

    Laura X

     5 months ago +216

    THANK YOU breakfast club for putting her on and not interrupt her.... 👏🏼👏🏼

  • Della Yassine

    Della Yassine

     11 months ago +599

    "They done did it to a white lady?" 😂

  • LUIS FE Rojas

    LUIS FE Rojas

     5 months ago +183

    44:00 : I really felt terrible for what happened to her sister and to her.

  • Lady Zhe

    Lady Zhe

     3 months ago +89

    Phenomenal Interview with Kathy Griffin. As a Black Violinist I am so encouraged to hear her story. I love to see White people acknowledge the racism and sexism in society. It is so needed.

  • john yuzon

    john yuzon

     6 months ago +259

    I am just watching this now, but to hear her speak about her sister and how she got death threats until the day she died of cancer in the hospital was the saddest thing.

  • mayashendy


     8 months ago +53

    so refreshing to listen to someone who is so genuine and real

  • Geaux Blanco

    Geaux Blanco

     11 months ago +744

    “Hi, Katt” 😂😂

  • cerone gates

    cerone gates

     7 months ago +166

    I truly slept on this interview . Love KATHY GRIFFIN

  • Marie Standish

    Marie Standish

     9 months ago +80

    I Totally agree about TMZ Harvey Levin is the worst.

  • M Hadi

    M Hadi

     8 months ago +44

    Kathy want full gangster 😂😂😂

  • larry strong

    larry strong

     9 months ago +30

    I was a fan of Kathy and I loved her before this interview but today proved why she is a dope real person. Thanks for being woke

  • br bar

    br bar

     11 months ago +151

    I’m glad she mentioned the story of Ertha Kitt since a lot of people don’t know

  • Jn Och

    Jn Och

     5 months ago +101

    Lmao all the angry folks in the comment are old white men. Just proves Kathy's point. I ain't mad at the truth

  • Feria Money

    Feria Money

     2 months ago +64

    "For a guy who hates immigrants, he bought two" lol haha fr fr

  • Sarah Kazmi

    Sarah Kazmi

     9 months ago +35

    oh man that was so sad when she said
    "she got death threats untill the day she died"

  • Jacob


     5 months ago +30

    One of the best interviews. Thank you for this putting this up.