The LG V50 Smartphone Has Two Screens!

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  • Published on:  Saturday, August 24, 2019
  • The LG V50 is one of the most unusual smartphones of 2019. It features a dual screen accessory doubling the screen real estate of the device. The LG V50 is also the first 5G capable smartphone I've had in studio.

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  • Unbox Therapy

    Unbox Therapy

     a months ago +619

    The Ultimate Everything Charger -

  • Von Prater

    Von Prater

     17 hours ago

    Still rocking my G7 for 13 a month through sprint. Always been a LG fanboy and its been lonely. Most customizable android with the best features.

  • rdg091



    Is this phone better than iPhone 11 pro thinking between this iPhone 11 pro max

  • Noctilent



    Lew: *holds the dual screens sideways*

  • Ricki B.

    Ricki B.

     2 days ago

    I thought it would be like a tablet like the Samsung fold

  • Joseph Guzman

    Joseph Guzman

     2 days ago

    They should of have a 4 g version of this phone . the 5g hype is to launch phones past the 1k price mark. A 4g version would bring the price to a reasonable 600 plus the 200 dual screen would be 800 total. They would sell like hot cakes ! Many People who are on the fence shelling out 1 K for a phone would be looking at this. Would be even better if the v50 had a removable battery like the v 10 so u never have to plug your phone . Oh well. Gonna wait 4 years to buy this one

  • Butch McQueen

    Butch McQueen

     2 days ago

    Honestly for a phone like this, as super cool as the idea is, how long is gonna be before it’s outdated and the extra peripherals aren’t supported?

  • Sam Langan

    Sam Langan

     2 days ago

    If u would like to donate me that phone I'd be very happy :)

  • Yahia Kantour

    Yahia Kantour

     2 days ago

    Buying LG phones just for head phones quality & head phone listing experience
    Best sound 💯

  • R. Fowler

    R. Fowler

     3 days ago

    Having the cameras flush with the back glass like that is going to eventually scratch. The reason all other phones have a camera bump is because the glass covering the cameras is usually synthetic sapphire like in high end watches. They do this because it’s almost impossible to scratch (has a hardness of 9H) unless you have a diamond. Using the shitty 6H glass on the back of the phone is just asking for your camera lenses to become cloudy from scratches.

  • Jeff Valentine

    Jeff Valentine

     4 days ago

    Loooooove thee dual landscape part of this.

  • Shane Smith

    Shane Smith

     4 days ago

    Lg has some good shit. Just need to drop that price a bit. They ain't apple

  • Garfield The Meme God

    Garfield The Meme God

     5 days ago +1

    Hypothetically, should I get this phone, the s9, or the s10?

  • Clout Airplane

    Clout Airplane

     6 days ago

    Lg and Samsung are actually trying

  • Denise Castro

    Denise Castro

     6 days ago

    it's only that expensive because it's 5G but regular 4G isn't as expensive

  • James Johnson

    James Johnson

     7 days ago

    I was gonna get the iphone 11 pro plus. I've been waiting for this phone forever. I'd rather have this than the iphone now. Two screens? I can watch YT on the bus and text/browse the internet. Hell yeah I'm getting this.

  • Leonard melendez

    Leonard melendez

     7 days ago

    how's the speaker on it?

  • Eddie P

    Eddie P

     7 days ago

    LG use samsungs hole punch, improve the front camera, increase ram, keep headphone jack, fix the long waits for updates that are slower than other devices, and ill come back home.

  • ThanatosXRS


     7 days ago

    I always want to love LG but cant, there god awful software and quality keeps me away from there sexy audio.

  • C_Dragon0911


     7 days ago

    Love your reviews! 👍