Fixing a Car Dent for $15!

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, May 3, 2017
  • We try to remove a huge dent on this Camry using a hair dryer and $15 worth of dent removal tools from Harbor Freight.

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  • Slim Cutz

    Slim Cutz

     21 hours ago


  • Skitzodaclown2


     2 days ago

    Fixing cars tony

  • Dee 1

    Dee 1

     3 days ago

    thank bruh.

  • Rob Burn

    Rob Burn

     3 days ago

    Why bother who eva repaired or replaced the bumper , picked the wrong shade of shit

  • JusBidniss


     3 days ago

    Funny comments about the 'free foot', but it's also important to remember that not all dents will be in a panel where you can get that free foot behind it, so these techniques are useful.

    On the suction puller, some soapy water will often help that seal better, where small microvariances in the surface flatness are letting air leak. Plus it will let you slide the puller a bit and reposition it without releasing it all the way and putting it down somewhere else, for better control of where you're pulling, 'finding' the beginning of a curve where it will leak, etc. Won't solve all dent-related leakage, but it will for some, and anyway it can't hurt to try.

    And as others have said, address the crowns first, especially where it looks like a crease was starting to form. Crowns are where the metal is stretched the most, so reverse those first (or as one commenter said, 'release its stored energy') by heating (expanding) the crown and cooling (shrinking) the lower flat area, multiple times. You don't have to heat the paint to near-blistering, nor freeze it to near-cracking -- small, incremental measures are always best (you don't want to create new problems!). There will be a lot less of the dent remaining to fix after that.

    And take care to not make a new dent in a different spot with the foot method or the bridge puller. Incremental measures are also key with something like this, not 'going as far or further back the other way', which only serves to stretch the metal more and cause waviness that will 'never' come out (unless by a professional).

    And regarding the little round white plastic tool that came with the bridge puller, the concept there is what body men call a 'dolly block', of which a professional might have several different sizes and shapes with different curves and lines, made from chunky blocks of mirror-polished stainless steel, along with various shaped peening hammers. The DIYer can get a lot of this same benefit with a chunk of 2x4 wrapped in a clean soft cloth to protect the finish, then hammer the block to flatten a proud bit, or hammer the panel from the inside against the block on the outside for a low bit.

    But overall, good novice-level demo of some readily available and cost-effective options out there!

  • Robert mccluskey

    Robert mccluskey

     4 days ago

    Its 2004 chevy Malibu

  • Robert mccluskey

    Robert mccluskey

     4 days ago

    How can i get a dent out of back passenger door bye the seat a couple of months ago a neighbor daughter back out of her moms driveway and hit it pretty hard

  • Corey Staudt

    Corey Staudt

     4 days ago

    Cleaned it, wiped it of, Stuck his finger directly on what he just cleaned...priceless

  • King of Kings

    King of Kings

     6 days ago

    Hot water works great

  • guy


     7 days ago

    or if you have winch fasten the winch to the puller and do it so slowly a minute at a time will do might take 30 minutes eas it out no rush ..thanks for listening . .

  • guy


     7 days ago

    so so so wrong .either boil a kettle hot water pour it over the dent. wate one minute pull it out ..or put a peice of 4x2 in the trunk and a bottle jack and pump the bottle jack till the dent is out .do not heat the paint with a hair dryer .im a body specialist trust me .

  • Mktrl Mktrl

    Mktrl Mktrl

     7 days ago

    Very generous of you to share your knowledge! I am on my way to Harbor freight!

  • Bill Hill

    Bill Hill

     7 days ago

    Good job Bro. As others have said thanks for not playing stupid ass music during the video. Btw, What you did with your foot in the trunk I would of been happy with:)

  • Email2


     7 days ago

    excellent job…i knew about the 3 and 4 inch suction units from HF…but by this i now found out about the bridge puller…excellent tube

  • mishlol123


     14 days ago

    Heyyy vsauce michael here

  • Atomy Filipino Team America

    Atomy Filipino Team America

     14 days ago

    Where you located ? $15 ?

  • Manny Ord

    Manny Ord

     14 days ago

    The anticipation is making me want to continue watching

  • jammn 1

    jammn 1

     14 days ago

    Good job! Thanks for the video👍

  • Alpha Omega

    Alpha Omega

     14 days ago

    The star of your repair was your leg lol

  • nowr2run


     14 days ago

    IMPRESSIVE for what you had to work with, GREAT VID. THANKS.