Inside China's Future Factory

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  • Published on:  Thursday, January 10, 2019
  • Over the past 40 years, the fishing village of Shenzhen has been reborn as a futuristic metropolis bursting with factories. Bloomberg Businessweek's Ashlee Vance travels to the heart of China's tech revolution to witness this new reality firsthand, as part of a three-episode exploration of the city. In part one of Hello World Shenzhen, Vance gets a worker's view of life in a startup and then explores one of the city's famous electronics markets to learn how people survive (and in some cases make fortunes) in such a frenetic, competitive environment. & HostAshlee VanceDirector David NicholsonProducerDiana SuryakusumaWritersAshlee VanceAlan JeffriesDirector of Photography David NicholsonEditorAlan JeffriesCamera Jack LamCamera AssistantQi YangMotion GraphicsSylvia Yang FixerYang LiuAudio MixCadell CookColoristAllie Ames
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  • ViralHub


     7 months ago +850

    China built this whole city in less than 40 years while the US is still debating on whether they should build a wall.

  • Daily Data

    Daily Data

     7 months ago +458

    People still dont get why China is winning. China is Logistics, networks, systems and infrastructure.

  • Rave


     7 months ago +277

    As a foreigner living in Shenzhen it's actually astonishing how this impressive city is not yet commonly known outside of China... There surely are downsides to living in this city, but it really feels like the future here.

  • 古德曼


     7 months ago +69

    half price, twice faster, same quality.


     7 months ago +236

    Shenzhen, the birthplace of the many mobile phones .-)
    Every other phone is from there.

  • TheGamingWIZ


     7 months ago +196

    That Blade Runner type music in the intro 😍

  • Fidelio 4

    Fidelio 4

     7 months ago +380

    I love china since my childhood wonderful culture and respect what you did the last 40 years. Hope to visit one day greeting from germany

  • NeoGeoSNK


     7 months ago +200

    China is evil this and that
    No matter what China does, in westerners’ damn eye, is always wrong

  • noir


     7 months ago +100

    And there i thought bloomberg will finally show us the hack chips in Chinese factory they say is definitely there.

  • Zeeshan Niazi

    Zeeshan Niazi

     7 months ago +483

    You gotta admit Chinese are hardworking people 🙏

  • Miyuru Weerarathna

    Miyuru Weerarathna

     7 months ago +607

    Future factory? Isn’t it already the industrial powerhouse of China.

  • Evoler X

    Evoler X

     7 months ago +82


  • Tinh Tran Van

    Tinh Tran Van

     7 months ago +239

    CHina now become dragon. Love from VietNam

  • taro 545

    taro 545

     7 months ago +118

    "labor is not as cheap as it used to be" well I sure do hope not bec you're just exploiting the people if it's not enough to support themselves

  • 2001 1004

    2001 1004

     7 months ago +297

    This is the fastest urbanization miracle ever.

  • RahulREG !!!

    RahulREG !!!

     7 months ago +50

    Wow! One has admire the growth of the city. Not only it's innovative but also green.
    Respect from India!!!

  • Muneeb


     7 months ago +252

    Love you China From Pakistan

  • morrischiutw


     7 months ago +81

    ...Happy to see a small villiage SZ transformed into a huge innovation NEW city.... keep going best wishes from Taiwan Province



     7 months ago +31

    We will never remove poverty, because everyone is different, some are smarter, some can act faster. We can only improve the life of poor people, by technology.

  • Rich Wendel

    Rich Wendel

     7 months ago +54

    Shenzhen is amazing!