I Tried 4 Different Personalized Style Boxes

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  • Published on:  Thursday, March 1, 2018
  • So I've been seeing advertisements for personalized style boxes for years, so I finally decided to take the plunge and buy them and see what they would send me! I tried Stitch Fix, Le Tote, Wantable, and Trunk Club to test and compare their clothes and prices, and see if they are worth it! I took all of their quizzes and then did a massive unboxing haul to show you guys what they're all about.

    What do you think? Would you try one of these?

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  • Safiya Nygaard

    Safiya Nygaard

     a years ago +7761

    HELLO FRIENDS!! happy thursday! what did you think of these style boxes?! would you try any of these? xox, saf 🖤EDIT: the clear thing i always around my wrist is a hair tie.... not a bracelet!

  • Melanie Robinson

    Melanie Robinson

     11 hours ago

    What about online shopping? 🤔

  • Dark dragon Hi

    Dark dragon Hi

     2 days ago +1

    When she said “It will arrive February 10” I was like OMG THAT IS 2 DaYs TILL ME BIRTH DAY (opps )

  • Hawk Light

    Hawk Light

     3 days ago


  • Crystal Lowden

    Crystal Lowden

     4 days ago

    I loved every outfit you wore from trunk club and even the boots omg Sexy! Besides the green dress its too bad the jeans were so expensive because they looked so good on you and even the crop top with the coat

  • Jady Corson

    Jady Corson

     4 days ago

    trunk club

  • Moira linker

    Moira linker

     6 days ago


  • Fluffer Nutter

    Fluffer Nutter

     6 days ago

    My add before was a style box

  • giannamichelle07


     6 days ago

    My mom does trunk club and loves jt

  • TschinTonik


     7 days ago +2

    Love that Tyler is just casually proclaiming that he steals Safiyas clothes. Womens clothes are mostly nicer and softer, I totally get him

  • Melinda Rabenstein

    Melinda Rabenstein

     7 days ago

    This was really cool! I always wondered about these things. One tip I have heard from people though is that you kind of need to stick with these boxes a couple of months as they get more feedback based on what you keep and what you send back. Not sure if that's real though.

  • Georgia Doherty

    Georgia Doherty

     7 days ago +3

    Is anyone else on a old saf binge?

  • harriet dunkin

    harriet dunkin

     7 days ago


  • CompletelyStupid 32

    CompletelyStupid 32

     7 days ago

    She Reveals so much personal information

  • Jinan Alshair potter bloom

    Jinan Alshair potter bloom

     7 days ago

    I loved all the items from wantable except the dress

  • Olivia Nuske

    Olivia Nuske

     7 days ago +1

    No one:
    Saf: bA dA biNg bA dA bOoM

  • Maggie Johnson

    Maggie Johnson

     14 days ago

    Is it just me or did she look really good in the black jumpsuit

  • Amber B.

    Amber B.

     14 days ago

    Did you mean Redbox I know this was a year ago but still.

  • Sadie Tyde

    Sadie Tyde

     14 days ago

    I liked the rose crop top with the outfit she put it in it was really cute

  • Lisa Marie Conley

    Lisa Marie Conley

     14 days ago

    omg i love your vids so munch thx for making them