Top 10 Car Cleaning Mistakes

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  • Published on:  Thursday, July 10, 2014
  • Car Cleaning Tips. Here are my Top 10 mistakes I see people make while cleaning their car. As you watch this you will realize one of the main things you want to do when cleaning your car is prevent scratches.
    Comment below if you have any other mistakes you see people do. I would love to hear and share them!

    How to SuperClean you Car:
    Top 10 Mistakes Car Owners Make:

    Wax I use:
    Microfiber towels I use:
    Microfiber Wash Mit:
    Car Soap I use:
    Hose nozzle I use:
    Rim Cleaner I use:

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  • PES gaming

    PES gaming

     an hour ago

    I regret not watching this video earlier..
    Now the paint on my car has stripped down
    Because i use dish soap to clean my car

  • rob1976s


     5 hours ago

    Don't use a dry microfibre towel to dry the car instead wet it with hot water, rinse out and it will soak up the water through the steam.

  • Mark Robinson

    Mark Robinson

     4 days ago

    Can you please do a video on cleaning the interior of your car? Your Mazda truck’s interior looks amazing as well as the driftstang...

  • King Leo

    King Leo

     4 days ago

    What if u buy a car and it have stickers on to remove them with out damaging the car paint

  • J. Lee

    J. Lee

     5 days ago

    4:45 - uhhh... don't ya know that splitting the car in half is bad for the paint and may result in scratches?

  • Doug DeMuro Fan

    Doug DeMuro Fan

     5 days ago

    Whose car is the Mercury

  • XlG3n3ralXl


     6 days ago

    realizing he till got the tag on the microfiber as hes washing it like 0.0

  • Russ Freed

    Russ Freed

     6 days ago

    Pink professional soap in a spray bottle and warm water. Spray it on vehicle to help lift of dirt n grim.

  • Backlog Gaming

    Backlog Gaming

     6 days ago

    I like using steel wool in an aggressive zig zag pattern

  • Buddy Shoe

    Buddy Shoe

     7 days ago

    Dont think about cleaning the inside of your car as you have to get in the car and or breath in the car and that could cause scratches or smells. Love this guy

  • P I N K S H A R K

    P I N K S H A R K

     7 days ago

    What do you recommend when your vehicle has dry mud on the side doors /paint areas? Pressure washing you said is bad for the paint so how do i take off all that mud?

  • Alexander S

    Alexander S

     7 days ago

    Are there two different people?

  • Pete Robbins

    Pete Robbins

     7 days ago

    Make sure you’re complying with your city or towns ordinances. My hometown didn’t allow people to wash their cars in a driveway because the soap and automotive greases and oils can be harmful to the waterways and kill or harm animals. I’m sure a cop driving by won’t write you a ticket, but it’s still not the best

  • Cynthia Ligertwood

    Cynthia Ligertwood

     14 days ago

    tip # 11:
    after washing your car, hang it up on the clothes line carefully, put a mosquito net so birds,flys and bugs won't poop on it and scratch it..

  • Andrew Schoolfield

    Andrew Schoolfield

     14 days ago

    I have a black 20 year old Explorer with water spots all over the hood. How can I get rid of those?

  • my Bluebird Bluebird

    my Bluebird Bluebird

     14 days ago

    Scratches on their drive wheels

  • Kirk Logan Johnson

    Kirk Logan Johnson

     14 days ago +1

    I like your voice, Chris! Suggestion cut off the tags on your microfiber towels. Those can leave lines or even get a bit abrasive.

  • Mike C

    Mike C

     21 days ago

    Armor All is junk anyways ... I use Meguiar's Quick Interior Detailer and it's one of the best for the money and ease of finding it online or in-store. It leaves ZERO greasy residue but still does an incredible job cleaning the interior and leaves a pleasant smell afterwards.

    Great video, too. Although, I think a lot of it is overkill for 90% of car owners. I take a lot of pride in my vehicles - I mean, I clean between the door sills and always clean under the hood and trunk every time I wash it. Do I do a swirling motion? Yes, I have a white pearl tintcoat and it doesn't leave any swirls. I also use a soft microfibre glove to clean the car. I work from one side all the way to other, generally starting at the top of each section working my way down. So, I go to top to bottom, back to top to bottom.

    Just use the right products, quality towels, and honestly you'll get incredible results still. Last top tip: clean your car often! Don't wait until it's filthy. My neighbour across the street always says "cleaning your truck again? You're going to take the paint off!" Note - I've never seen him wash his car once.

  • Piedone21


     21 days ago

    After watching this video I will take my car to a place where I can use their high pressure wash

  • Shelba W

    Shelba W

     21 days ago