Blvckpods v3 VS Airpods 2

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, October 16, 2019
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    Link to the Blvckpods👇👇🔥🔥

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  • Tina York

    Tina York

     13 hours ago

    Do they work well with appoe watch too???

  • Le Phenix

    Le Phenix

     13 hours ago +13

    Does the Blvckpods comes with an n-word pass?



     15 hours ago


  • YourIanBaek


     21 hours ago

    Remember apple is all about being minimalist

  • Gavin Ellis

    Gavin Ellis


    P r o p a g a n d a

  • Red 448

    Red 448


    Look at the blvck pods case in the begining

  • Aarnav Soin

    Aarnav Soin


    This real?

  • Jeremiah huertas

    Jeremiah huertas

     2 days ago

    Is it black pods i500?

  • bhagveer singh

    bhagveer singh

     2 days ago


  • Tiger_vii


     2 days ago

    Photos In the site link of the reviews of the box looks different.

    No mention that they are Blvckpod V3 on that site..... Or that it includes the charging pad

  • Amaze


     2 days ago +3

    No one:

    I got black i got white watchu wannt

  • xTheSalamix


     2 days ago

    now that you have them how would you say the sound quality is on the blackpods?

  • NikoNiko Nee

    NikoNiko Nee

     2 days ago +1

    Black pods are better

  • Yeamee


     3 days ago

    These are AirPods 1 not 2

  • xTheSalamix


     3 days ago

    this are the blackpods i500 TWS Killer?

  • Shaq


     3 days ago +1

    If you can’t afford to buy it twice don’t buy it

  • Spencer Peters

    Spencer Peters

     3 days ago

    Thanks this really helped me, thanks👍

  • Patrick Cahill jr

    Patrick Cahill jr

     3 days ago +4

    Im trippin on the wirless charging pad thing, i went to the link in the description and I read nothing abiut it in the website and ive tryed finding anything on it elsewhere but came up dry and there are multiple "knockoffs" of the ones you showed for instance the name will be spelled different or the packaging will be different and again even on the "knockoffs" I didnt see anything on the wirless charging pad thing I'm really considering buying blvckpods like you showed in the video but It would really help if I had a little bit more on it

  • cjgameinglive 21

    cjgameinglive 21

     3 days ago +1

    I had to watch this video again cause it so good this is good content

  • Joseph Brown

    Joseph Brown

     4 days ago

    He got me with the 👌