My Experience with Sports

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  • Published on:  Sunday, October 21, 2018
  • i've done a sport or two in my day

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  • Abby The Cat Lover

    Abby The Cat Lover

     an hour ago

    My first and only sport I played was baseball

  • demon luna playz

    demon luna playz

     4 hours ago

    Im right now in dancing

  • Priyanshu's channel

    Priyanshu's channel

     6 hours ago


  • Aqua_Gacha


     8 hours ago

    Lmao pushing the girl

  • Shikhar Singh

    Shikhar Singh

     9 hours ago

    Animations of a wimpy kid

  • Urtnasan Bilguun

    Urtnasan Bilguun

     9 hours ago

    I goed to karate with my bro too

  • I want to commit unalive

    I want to commit unalive

     10 hours ago

    Hey.. You a weab??

  • Mystie Skyline

    Mystie Skyline

     11 hours ago

    6:59 I can relate but with swimming, LIKE JESUS WHY MUST THE WATER BE SO WARM IN THE PHILIPPINES

  • Scramator *

    Scramator *

     13 hours ago

    Octagon mask

  • Vejay Long

    Vejay Long

     15 hours ago

    Meme activated 3:20

  • Jonathan Mallett

    Jonathan Mallett

     16 hours ago


  • kailey Kelley

    kailey Kelley

     17 hours ago

    Jaiden animations: next up gymnastics worst thing

    Me: I agree

  • Max Vaquero

    Max Vaquero

     18 hours ago

    I had the same experience with my thumb

  • Sheherazade Hamdani

    Sheherazade Hamdani

     18 hours ago

    Oh my god I also had a soccer team called the pink panthers!!!

  • /silent/assassin z

    /silent/assassin z

     18 hours ago

    Everybody wasn't kung fu fighting

  • Michael Brown

    Michael Brown

     18 hours ago

    6:45 jaiden might

  • Aqua


     19 hours ago

    I actually only played soccer for 2 days Jaden

  • Sarah Ooi

    Sarah Ooi

     19 hours ago

    I can do backbend

  • Autumn Pea

    Autumn Pea

     19 hours ago

    megan I swear to god if you ruin my big moment I’ll put gum in your hair

  • Unicorn 1950

    Unicorn 1950

     20 hours ago

    you watch my hero academia two woooow what are there anime’s do you watch I love anime uwu