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  • Published on:  Tuesday, May 30, 2017
  • As we wait for Game 1 of the 2017 NBA Finals to tip off, the prop odds for Finals MVP is worth a particular look this year. The current odds are very competitive between Kevin Durant and Steph Curry on the Golden St side, and there may be betting value going with one of the other, based on the likely game plan in the series to be employed by the Warriors. Professional handicapper Troy West from discusses betting value with current Finals MVP prop odds with SBR Videos host Peter Loshak.

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    then we can also talk about do the odds
    to win the NBA Finals MVP right now and
    you know of course with with Golden
    State a lot of people with a legit
    chance at winning it if Cleveland wins
    the finals on LeBron James probably
    going to be the MVP he is a plus 270
    right now to a win the MVP field is
    minus 160 so those are very close to
    just Cleveland's overall odds market
    odds right now of of winning the finals
    a Kyrie Irving is all the way down at
    plus 1,400 but for for the Warriors
    Kevin Durant I'm using five dimes lines
    right now Kevin Durant plus 180 Steph
    Curry plus 225 draymond Green Plus 825
    so I guess it's a two horse race between
    a Durant and curry with Durant the small
    favorite you think that might be better
    Bullock Evan Durant you know I mean if
    if Golden State wins the finals which
    I'm sure which you and I both believe is
    is very likely to be the case we both
    gave it as a pick I bet it at minus 255
    then you know if it's not curry
    you know maybe Durant it plus 180 is a
    better way to Tibet theity you know the
    NBA Finals and just to take a Golden
    State to to win it what do you think
    yeah no absolutely I would go with Kevin
    Durant without a shot of a doubt
    you got understand you can't step Korea
    has been a very tough matchup with Kyrie
    Irving these two guys battle it out and
    go mano-a-mano I think the ball is going
    to go to Kevin Durant other than LeBron
    James they don't really have anybody
    that can garden there's nobody on the
    floor for Cleveland that has the size
    and the speed of Kevin Durant ncludes
    LeBron LeBron James is three or four
    inches smaller than Kevin Durant I truly
    truly believe beat Kevin Durant is the
    one guy in this series that has not won
    an NBA championship you look at both
    sides of the ball most these guys got
    their rings Kevin Durant does not I
    think that adds a true true chip on his
    shoulder I think you're going to see the
    rant have a very very special series I
    think you're going to see him putting up
    30-plus a night he's going to get his
    assist he's going to get his rebounds
    and in the end even at plus 180 I think
    he's going to be the NBA championship
    MVP at truth right now yeah so if Golden
    State wins
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