The one thing I hate about blackpink choreographies

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  • Published on:  Friday, June 14, 2019


    so it’s my first time using my real voice in a video....



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  • i hAtE sNaKeU

    i hAtE sNaKeU

     4 months ago +10841

    They put Jisoo And Rose in the back 92 times (this incudes end of the line, not being in the center, the other members squatting but still front of Jisoo or Rose, (exc.) THATS ALOT COMBINED (I included some other parts to this so its off about idk 10 but 82 is a lot still) Feel free to count and correct me. c:

  • Hemanchi hublikar

    Hemanchi hublikar

     9 hours ago

    There is a reason for Lisa always being in the middle and that reason that Lisa is the youngest off all.

  • moonx star

    moonx star

     10 hours ago

    At least all the members are visible in all the dances. ALL!

  • BeomBeom Choi

    BeomBeom Choi

     13 hours ago

    No offence but I'm starting to feel like Rosé and Jisoo were becoming Jennie and Lisa's back up dancer

  • Jennifer Ng

    Jennifer Ng

     14 hours ago

    I like blackpink all

  • Jennifer Ng

    Jennifer Ng

     14 hours ago

    Is you yourself like blackpink rose jisoo

  • Jennifer Ng

    Jennifer Ng

     14 hours ago +1

    Don’t have any misunderstandings

  • Jennifer Ng

    Jennifer Ng

     14 hours ago +1


  • Saya Blossom

    Saya Blossom

     15 hours ago

    To be honest they all got about equal time in the back and front, especially on their shining moments. Also coming from someone who is a dancer and has experienced choreographing dances, when you have 2-4 sometimes 5 dancers it’s really hard to come up with interesting formations. When you have a small number of dancers you have to rely more on creating images and come up with more I guess obscure formations. And sometimes you also get the same people who will take center or always in the same formation. I get what you mean but you also have to look at it from choreographers perspective. Also the whole thing with the person in the front dropping down and when they have the diamond formation where the back person and front person are kinda off to the sides of center that’s so they try and make sure everyone’s seen, which they do often in their choreography. And when they do the thing where front is covering the back person is usually because in their next few counts they’re going create a visual or something like that.

  • Sophia Ellaine Docusin

    Sophia Ellaine Docusin

     19 hours ago

    When do you notice Jennie and Lisa at the back

    Lisa and Jennie at the back:😒😒ehh not my problem
    Rose and jisoo at the back:wth they are in. The back can't you notice!!!!!!!!!
    Bruh yeah we can see were not blind

  • That random girl Tze Wan

    That random girl Tze Wan

     yesterday +1

    Lisa is in the front quite often as she is the main dancer....
    Also~Lisa is a chipmunk in disguise!!>∆<
    Have yall notice something? So I'm a army too, and they seem to put Jin in the back alot and give very little lines.... And they do the same to Jisoo... Basically are they baised and make the oldest member least noticeable?
    Plus... I saw that when Rose or Jisoo kneel in front of Jennie or Lisa, u get angry as u think it is just for them to be seen, but when Lisa or Jennie kneel in front of them, u get angry cuz they are in front...
    In don't know what to do, Lisa has to be infront of Jisoo and Rose cuz of she kneels at the back she won't be seen, and they will no longer be like a team.. In Kill This Love, in the first chorus, Lisa and Jennie are in the front, but in the second chorus, Jisoo and Rose are in the front, making it fair...
    So in conclusion, it is not Blackpink's fault, but the Cheograpers and YG's fault... Dont blame my 4 queens!!

  • lisaa avocado

    lisaa avocado


    Lisa is at the front cuz she is the main dancer and Jennie is their fav!

  • *Once you rapmon you cant rapoff

    *Once you rapmon you cant rapoff


    Well they probably put Jisoo in the back most of the time because she isnt that good of a dancer like the other girls. No offence to Jisoo I love her alot shes my bias but thats just how it goes

  • Echalk tubod

    Echalk tubod


    Jisoo is not the worst dancer-- she is very consistent-I am so sad- how can she work with a lil exposure-- :(

  • Bree Serrano

    Bree Serrano


    If the choreographer wants to put 2 specific people in front it should be Rosé and Lisa because they’re the best dancers, so it makes sense. It’s also unfair to put Jisoo in the back because she’s the shortest.

  • Tuhina Appadorai

    Tuhina Appadorai


    Okay get Lisa but isn't Rosé the lead dancer shouldn't she also get something

  • Khe Tling

    Khe Tling


    some of y 'all people that wants to always look for something to hate, you will always find it. Like, if you guys wanna post something about any Kpop group members at least post some POSTIVE one.

  • Michelle LeBlanc

    Michelle LeBlanc

     2 days ago

    I don't understand how Lisa is the main dancer but she's barely even standing out in the choreographies. I mean, it's not like she has that much lines either

  • ieWinWin


     2 days ago

    What it looks like is that they dance in pairs, and typically stand opposite their partners. Jennie/Lisa rap line, and Jisoo/Rose vocal line. And it's an aesthetic and marketing choice to put your best dancers front and center, with any group. Not much to it. A more valid complaint would be line distribution. The person speaking is front and/or center. Since Jennie raps, sings, and dances, producers put more energy into her (they do, I'm not a Blink but this is obvious). Maybe because she's a whole package, or to groom fans for her solo career. Either way it would effect line distribution. more lines + better dancer = more front time (9 times out of 10)
    Lisa gets more lines because she mostly raps. Blackpink songs seem very rap oriented. Rap generally needs a lot of lines. more lines + dance captain = more front time
    I noticed Jisoo and Rose tend to repeat hook and chorus. There dance skills are wonderful but not the best IN THE GROUP. = front time when it's their turn.
    Watching the video it didn't seen like the differences were that big, and the person who made it is blowing things out of proportion by hyper focusing on their faves. In order to call out that many times of them being behind "again", they have to be in front or to the side just as many times. The biggest problem here is line distribution, but that depends on the sound the company's aiming for.

  • Keota blue

    Keota blue

     2 days ago

    If you hate Lisa and Jennie dance in front just don't listen or watch there song .if you don't know anything keep your mouth shut . Ok I just want to tell you.