Jordan Peterson | The Difference Between Men and Women

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, May 30, 2017
  • Jordan Peterson explains the difference between men and women.See the full lecture here: learn from the man himself, subscribe to his channel: Authoring Affliate (Official affiliate link)Support the Channel: Email: Twitter: https://www.ryanholsappleguide.comLISTEN ON PODBEAN: ON ITUNES: ON STITCHER: we are at it, here is his Patreon: you want to sort yourself out, I highly recommend you order Jordan Peterson's Self Authoring Program, it has been working wonders in my life: (Official affiliate link for Pordan B Jeterson)
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  • James GS

    James GS

     3 months ago +2206

    "You're the most disagreeable person in 10,000"
    "No I'm not"

  • Dixie Normus

    Dixie Normus

     1 months ago +935

    the cameraman gets a hella workout during this dude's lectures

  • Sextus Lucretius

    Sextus Lucretius

     1 months ago +388

    I like how they cut out the part where he said “if a man hits a women it might kill her”

  • Hejeldrummer Gaming

    Hejeldrummer Gaming

     a years ago +1232

    He is easily one of the most well-spoken and intelligent people I have seen. The way he phrases thoughts I cannot put in words but always knew existed is astonishing.

  • kill me

    kill me

     2 years ago +1643

    kangaroos are people

  • bacorable


     2 years ago +1576

    im triggered by facts

  • High Thoughts

    High Thoughts

     2 years ago +1279

    So what I learnt form this is
    I am agreeable
    Jordan is also agreeable
    Agreeable people find it difficult to decide what they want and how they're going to get it.
    Jordan Peterson has learned to negotiate on his own behalf and speak the plain truth.
    I need to learn to negotiate on my own behalf too.

  • shiftychaos


     11 months ago +333

    As a deeply agreeable person, I feel like I'm watching roast of myself.

  • Tijon Porter

    Tijon Porter

     2 years ago +590

    You're wired up to be exploited by infants
    - Dr. Jordan Peterson

  • smievil


     2 years ago +436

    why is domestic violence between human x kangaroo relationships so rare though?

  • k shen

    k shen

     3 months ago +266

    I love how he’s constantly circling around the room and basically having a conversation with the entire class

  • Nerd Painter

    Nerd Painter

     a years ago +605

    holy shit the overly agreeable thing fits me perfectly. dammit.

  • VerboseQuestion


     1 months ago +269

    I'm surprised anyone this intelligent is allowed on a college campus these days.

  • Red Mar

    Red Mar

     11 months ago +284

    I find myself to be a VERY agreeable person to a fault. I completely relate when he says agreeable people sometimes don't even know what they want at all. I've realized I'm so self conscious about how I treat other people that I forget what I enjoy and desire because that's no longer my focus-- even in acting class when the director says to act truthfully to myself, I honestly don't know how to do that. Because I'm hyper aware of myself I find flaws that probably don't even exist in me, and I'm terrified of having to live by myself, solve my own issues, and face conflict. I've been living for other people and I thank Mr. Peterson for making me reevaluate myself. I have to learn how to say no and put myself first for a change.

  • Dayon Mage

    Dayon Mage

     4 months ago +318

    You're wired up to be exploited by infants

  • K R Singh

    K R Singh

     1 months ago +72

    Is he talking about Gordon Ramsay

  • havelpants


     2 years ago +90

    The disagreeable man you described sounds exactly like my father lol

  • Nymeria Gloves

    Nymeria Gloves

     2 years ago +480

    most disagreeable in 10,000... that's funny as hell

  • Jason Fuller

    Jason Fuller

     1 months ago +42

    This helped me be more empathetic to my nursing wife.

  • Mattias Ek

    Mattias Ek

     2 years ago +349

    Why did you cut out a section in 2:41