The Truth about Hydrogen

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  • Published on:  Friday, July 27, 2018
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    Errors: I made an off hand comment about adding efficiencies in the video without thinking. This is obviously incorrect, but the final calculation does in fact multiply the efficiencies.


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  • tony germin

    tony germin

     2 hours ago

    What you have missed is that the total CO2 production in use and manufacture of Batteries is Huge, I don't know the number but you should provide that number in your video. After you factor in the cost of C02 in making the renewable energy and the C02 cost of making the fuel cell. The operation of combustion or conversion to power in Hydrogen is a "0" carbon emitter. Not so for batteries . Not to mention that you are depleting the natural resources required to make the batteries which at the moment are not recyclable. On a large scale Lithium used to make batteries now, would be the equivalent of the oil economy Now. Hydrogen is the most abundant element on earth and the universe. Hydrogen burning in any form produces Water a resource that we need to live. Any other chemical reaction causes toxic effects and pollutes the world. Factor that in Please in your comparison.

  • David Wood

    David Wood

     6 hours ago

    I don’t want too hang around for 3 hrs too change my car my gas one fill up fast and it won’t take me a long time too get there

  • Sebastian Grolik

    Sebastian Grolik

     11 hours ago

    This video is brought to you by Tesla....
    It's an okayish introduction into the theory, but incredibly short-sighted. You forgot the production of batteries, the strain on the grid if 10m people want to charge theri EVs at once...
    Plus the fact that hydrogen is perfect for saving energy, e.g. from overproduction from renewable surces. Batteries just aren't suited for those applications....

  • Mickolaus Mickelby

    Mickolaus Mickelby

     14 hours ago

    Let me know when it's available in English.

  • Marco Franciosi

    Marco Franciosi

     23 hours ago

    I Trust Elon Musk. Tesla batteries are better and better every day, consider the Maxwell factory, and we can put solar cells in different sites. Cobalt mining and that stuff will be replaced with some chemical stuff one day, no problem. At the same time Hydrogen can be pursued, but at a certain point there will be a winner.

  • Flatus Antiquitous

    Flatus Antiquitous


    All of this discussion becomes moot once the socialists take control. They will determine who needs independent transportation, and it won’t be you or me. You’ll be allowed to use public transportation but must live within a few blocks of your government mandated job.

  • phil wood

    phil wood


    100 mpg with fossil fuel is attainable. Just ask the dead guy who invented it. Shell oil offered him a lot of money to buy it. It used a carburetor. Notice no cars with carburetors anymore.

  • BoooB



    A model 3 doing 500km in the real world? I would looove to see that!

  • I. M. Notamoose

    I. M. Notamoose


    Just a note for those considering carbon emissions (which I consider silly since through most of the past several million years CO2 levels were over 2.5 times HIGHER than current levels per ice cores and the geological record)... the USA has reduced its carbon dioxide emissions over the past 2-3 years back to 1992 levels, whereas most other countries, including those which are still in the Kyoto CO2 reduction agreement, have increased their CO2 emissions.

  • hwinny2



    this isn't accurate. it takes electricity to charge a battery.

  • Richard Johnson

    Richard Johnson


    You miss the cost of my time to fill up the battery vs. the storage tank. My time is worth about $50 per hour (in real cost to my employer) or about $1000 per hr in my personal time lost. Factor the facts of needing 1/12 the time to fill up my hydrogen tank, vs 1 full hour to only get 80% fill on a battery. Then do the math.


     2 days ago

    I'd recommend just to stick with recycled dynos.

  • Daniel Clarke

    Daniel Clarke

     2 days ago

    Comparison seems wrong as it excludes battery manufacturing cost, difficulty to recycle batteries and finite supply of raw materials..

  • David Lawrence

    David Lawrence

     2 days ago

    Batteries are in everything, bring the cost of production and everything else down with it. If hydrogen became more mainstream, the cost would come down like everything else.

  • Felix Nagl

    Felix Nagl

     2 days ago

    Alcohol fuel cells.



     2 days ago

    Lol nipping in to recharge the car see you in about 3 hours +

  • E S

    E S

     2 days ago +3

    Producing batteries is way more expensive then H2.
    Not in $ but in human lifes and environment...

  • charis michail

    charis michail

     3 days ago

    Great video! I wonder if Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engine (HICE) with better catalytic converter could do the trick though. Future video idea?

  • Ithad Beenso

    Ithad Beenso

     3 days ago

    You hit on my debunk of hfc inefficiency of creation @ 14:55 precisely while explaining it. Would the wind turbine blades shown spinning at 14:55 have to turn 27 times to create the hydrogen for
    HFC cars as opposed maybe only 19 times to charge the Tesla model 3? WHO CARES! The wind is free! God doesn't charge per each "gust" unit. Also any slight miniscule extra wear on the turbine would be negligeable. So Elon Musk would sit for 3 hours instead of 5 minutes range replenish to save 9 spins of a 4mw wind turbine blade?.... which would take all of 2 minutes? NOW whose stupid?

  • Drew Hurst

    Drew Hurst

     3 days ago

    Hydrogen alone is a dumb idea!

    Every way you turn you need more energy input to compress (store), burn(steam/gas production) produce in every secondary production process.

    It does however work well to store excess solar power generated by using that power for electrolysis to create bottled hydrogen for later use.