The Truth about Hydrogen

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  • Published on:  Friday, July 27, 2018
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  • Paul Wood

     11 months ago

    A good video and well worth watching, but it does overlook certain aspects:The loss of electrodes during electrolysis;The energy & pollution caused during production of batteries;The relatively poor life of batteries & end of life recycling/disposal costs;The extra electricity production & distribution networks needed if all vehicles became battery powered - you only talked about the distribution of hydrogen;Petrol & diesel is already shipped around the world. Moving to hydrogen w...

  • aurelio milaor cabal

     15 hours ago

    @7Nemar So Toyota has a hose plugged into lots of cows? LOL LOL LOL

  • Jens Agerskov

     a months ago

    @Jason Walker And the absolute vast majority of cobolt used for batteries comes from DRC - mined under there conditions -

  • Louis Vigneron

     2 months ago

    Hey great video, but how about the cost of production of a battery cell and the cost of liquidation of that same battery cell once it runs out of juice? Also what are the impacts to the environment? Thanks

  • Dimitris Iakovides

     2 days ago

    The best thing you can do with hydrogen is use it with a fuel injected engine.. At least you lower the fuel usage.. And it's something anyone can do..

  • Jonathan Deinhard

     2 days ago

    @Mr Cabot 100% correct. Agree

  • Frank Eggers


    Has consideration been given to using ammonia for fuel cells? It is easy to make NH3 from H2 and NH3 can be transported and stored far more easily than H2.

  • Cecil Mills


    You completely failed to address the cleanest fuel of all -H202

  • George Kiriazos

     4 days ago

    Both have nasty booms, I propose flintstone style vehicles.

  • John Evans

     4 days ago

    There won't be any cheap "off peak" night time electricity if everyone are charging their cars !!

  • ef2b

     2 months ago

    There are many errors in this presentation. Comparing current battery electric vehicle (BEV) costs per km with current hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) is not fair because they are at different places in their development. Instead, you must compare them at projected comparable stages of development. I do not disagree with your implied cost of $17/kg delivered H2, but projected costs for larger stations with higher utilization are much lower. Most of the costs of delivered H2 occur at the refu...

  • A.E. W.

     4 days ago

    It is a fair comparison. Just because Fuel Cell development has not progressed as far to your preferences doesn't mean it hasn't been considered. Fuel cell tech has been around for decades (NASA). The reason why Auto Fuel Cell tech has not progressed to your liking is because it's a backwards and inefficient tech. Bottom line: Battery systems have the best efficiency thus making renewable energy sources (solar, wind, etc) very effective as a fuel source. Hydrogen fuel sources are not efficient period! ...

  • Luis Enrique Melzer

     21 days ago

    @ef2b thanks for taking the time to write to me, well normally hydrogen for cars, really doesnt make sense now and in the near future, stationary energy yes, to use as a buffer between peak and nor peak times, and can be use wiht cogeneration, there are 2 reason there is so much research into this, im sure you agree with me, hype and lots of founding by oil company, like petrobras in brazil(and yes in my university they were the ones pushing the research, like 10 years ago, dont know in the actuallity...

  • Tony .w

     2 days ago

    the home made hydrogen x battery/ solar is far less expensive fitted to cars thus far.has to be far cheaper..profit is the motive and focus behind this report

  • OrphanPaper

     2 days ago

    that's with the 260 times energy H has over electric with both being from free souses, H would still be viable and clean in a internal combustion , you are not taking battery disposal and creation which is extremely toxic

  • praanav m

     11 months ago

    E L E C T R I C _K E A H R S_

  • Anthony Sach

     5 days ago

    @sergioreinert Sounds Irish to me

  • marcusrat44

     15 days ago

    You got annie problems with that?