10 Wrestlers That Rocked Multiple Gimmicks At Once

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  • Published on:  Sunday, August 18, 2019
  • What a time to be alive (unless you're The Undertaker). These are 10 wrestlers who rocked multiple gimmicks at once.

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/fE87NDKkWRo


  • bbsy1


     14 days ago

    To be fair this would be a list of 4 if they stuck with the title.

  • Captain Rupertikjakmos

    Captain Rupertikjakmos

     21 days ago

    This is just a video about gimmick changes, not multiple gimmicks at once...

  • J Parker Adair

    J Parker Adair

     21 days ago

    What does “at once” mean in the UK?

  • deandre lang

    deandre lang

     21 days ago +1

    My true list:
    1. Mick Foley
    2. Simon Dean as Super Nova
    3. Hogan as Mr. America
    4. Buddy Rose as the executioner
    5. Hurricane
    6. Jeff as Willow
    7. Bray Wyatt
    8. Abyss/ Joseph Parks
    9. Kane
    10. Many as Suicide
    11. Adam Rose's Bunny played by low card guys
    12. Chavo as the Swagger Soaring Eagle
    13. Eugene playing Doink (i think was one off)
    14. John Cena as Juan Cena (exclusive to house shows)
    15. Ric Flair as the Black Scorpion
    16. Andre as the Giant Machine
    17. Curry Man and Chris Daniels
    18. Eric Young as Super Eric
    19. Santino as Santina
    20. Edge & Christian and the Hardy's as Los Conquestadors.

  • Khyl Solomon

    Khyl Solomon

     21 days ago

    Hurricane Helms?

  • shindigga420


     28 days ago

    Christopher Daniels should be on there at or near the top. Playing Curry Man,Suicide,and himself.

  • 1,000 subscribers without any video challenge

    1,000 subscribers without any video challenge

     28 days ago

    Let’s me guess:
    Bray Wyatt
    Jeff Hardy
    Finn Balor

  • Nick I

    Nick I

     28 days ago

    You.... you do know that "at once" means "at the same time as one another and not one followed by another".... right?

  • GhostBoy tv

    GhostBoy tv

     28 days ago

    Actual list: jeff hardy, abyss, kane, matt hardy, Foley, bray wyatt

  • Apex Rael

    Apex Rael

     1 months ago

    Let me guess before i watch this vid mick foley gonna be number 1

  • Philip Lettley

    Philip Lettley

     1 months ago

    Mick Foley is the only one to do it in one match. The royal rumble 1998

  • Chris Woodman

    Chris Woodman

     1 months ago

    Uhh.....do these brits not understand what "multiple gimmicks AT ONCE" means??

  • SuperMillwall1885


     1 months ago

    Don’t think you understand what “at once” means lol

  • Ken Adams

    Ken Adams

     1 months ago

    guys should do a deep rewind of how WCW was on top and then they announced Foley winning the belt and how everyone changed channels and went back to WWF.

  • D. Anthony

    D. Anthony

     1 months ago

    Its kane not ken

  • Sam Grieve

    Sam Grieve

     1 months ago

    Terrible video

  • Aaron Crews

    Aaron Crews

     1 months ago

    No matter hardy to Brutus beefcake no godfather wow

  • zx tg

    zx tg

     1 months ago

    Wwe needs to stop this shit with Bray Wyatt don't make no sense how he's there and all the wrestlers don't attack him Renee young stupid I wonder who can stop Bray anybody can Bray is big joke bro

  • MephProduction


     1 months ago

    huh the ringmaster was great, wasn't much different to ward followed.

  • Muneer Samawi

    Muneer Samawi

     1 months ago +1

    Honorable mention:
    The god father
    Big daddy V
    Mark Henry
    Cm punk