This Man Randomly Bumped Into His Own Cat, And His Pet’s Reaction Became An Internet Sensation

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  • Published on:  Saturday, January 12, 2019
  • Cats are well known for coming and going as they please. And this means that felines are often seen exploring their own neighborhoods. Darren Sherlock’s cat, Louis, certainly likes to go strolling away from home; in fact, it’s part of his everyday routine. Then Louis and his owner unexpectedly crossed paths one Wednesday – and the cat’s reaction was legendary.

    On the morning of April 4, 2018, Sherlock, who works as an airline’s commercial manager, was driving to work in the British city of Brighton. Then, however, he spotted a familiar furry face. It was Louis, of course, and Sherlock may have been very pleased to see the cat.

    After all, Louis had gone missing that morning – or, at least, he had deviated from his usual routine. Sherlock would later explain to Unilad that, since Louis is a cat whose life revolves around food, “he’ll [typically] annoy us until we wake up and feed him.” After the animal’s appetite has been sated, however, “he’ll go out for the day.”

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  • Mike Louis

    Mike Louis

     3 months ago

    Love the moustache!

  • Christine Berry

    Christine Berry

     3 months ago

    Almost resembles a clown face!

  • MabDarogan2


     4 months ago


  • Rhonda Wolfgang Belluscio

    Rhonda Wolfgang Belluscio

     7 months ago

    I would never let him outside to roam! Somebody is going to find his looks as stunning as I do and take him home with them!!! PLEASE keep him indoors! 💕🐈🐾❤

  • Lance Baker

    Lance Baker

     7 months ago +1

    BORING! Cat left home without eating, owner found cat, owner thinks the cat's expression is newsworthy. NOT!

  • Mary Jane Araneta

    Mary Jane Araneta

     8 months ago

    He is soooo cute

  • Zeinab Z

    Zeinab Z

     8 months ago

    April 4 is my b day!!!!

  • Betty Veronica

    Betty Veronica

     8 months ago

    Did the audio cut out at the end, or was it my 💩 phone?



     8 months ago

    Guy: “you’re a long way from home”
    Cat: “no shit, Sherlock”

  • Karen Wiseman

    Karen Wiseman

     8 months ago

    My daughter’s cat, Tigger, had that exact same expression every time his name was said ... or he was looking for some “loving”. lolz He may have been born from a “wild” cat but his behaviour said the exact opposite. He loved attention from anyone or everyone but he would abandon whoever was giving him attention as soon as his person (my daughter) came into the room & wouldn’t leave her side. He would only sleep on his back ... another sign that he wanted his belly rub at any/all times. Unfortunately we lost him several years ago while he was only around 7 years old. Our vet said that he had a very large heart & that, because his he art was oversized compared to his body size, his heart just gave out on him.
    We had another cat, Miss Monica (Missy), who had also been born in the wild, but was more than content to be an indoor cat ... or so we thought. When she escaped a few years after we got her we thought she was gone for good. A few days later we opened the front door to find her waiting patiently on the front door mat for me to let her back into the house. After she rubbed herself on my legs, got a few rubs & pets from me purring all the while, she then went straight for the food & water dishes. A few days later she escaped again only to return again a few days after that. That because a pattern in spite of the fact that we moved to another house. So long as we had the mat at the front door, she always returned a few days later, whether she left by that door or not. One day a few years later she returned in a slightly roughed up shape, as though she had gotten into a fight with another cat. A couple of days later I heard from a neighbour that the German Shepherd dog from down the street had gotten into a fight with a cat suspiciously described exactly like Missy. After the fight with the cat he had to be taken to the vet’s office to be put back together as he had been torn up so badly by the cat. After that “one sided” fight, the dog wasn’t so eager to bark at anyone or any other animals, especially dark coloured cats. Those he would run & hide from, whimpering & whining obviously in fear of being beaten again. Ever since then we didn’t look at Missy with any concern for her wellbeing ever again. When she was in the house she would sit in the front living room window chirping like a bird, which sounded very like a real bird, but she acted totally different towards my teddy bear hamsters when I raised & bred for a few years. I had one female teddy bear hamster that we nick-named “Houdini” because she frequently escaped her fish tank cage. Whenever Houdini escaped, Missy would “seek & find” the brat, almost as though Missy was part dog. Missy would alert us with a very strange “sounding” to the escaped hamster, as well as where to find it, acting more like a search & find dog. When she found the escaped hamster, Missy would make a noise that she would only make the when she was “hunting” the silly hamster, maintaining constant eye contact with the frightened hamster to keep it frozen in place until I could catch it to put it back in it’s cage. She always had a special look on her face when I did catch the hamster ... almost like she was telling me that she was very proud of us both that “we” had caught the hamster together.
    Miss Monica lived to the ripe old age of 23 years. She stopped escaping from the house in the last 2 or 3 years of her life.

  • Beverly Taff

    Beverly Taff

     8 months ago

    That cat looks distinctly guilty!!!

  • Tommy Missel

    Tommy Missel

     8 months ago

    Good looking cat!

  • Monster Baek

    Monster Baek

     8 months ago

    im hardcore twt user i didnt saw that post yet im bitter 😤



     8 months ago

    I had a mommy doxie who gave birth to 3 pooper-puppers.  While she was on her back and the pups were cuddled around her, I got a picture of a HUGH SMILE.................she was so happy.

  • xXxRae13xXx


     8 months ago

    I have 5 cats of my own, all rescues of the same litter. They ALL are like that with food lol They are well fed, but if bread or anything is out, it's becoming their afternoon snack! And they'll eat anything I eat. If I'm eating an apple, I have one that will sit on my lap and try to "share" with me lmao Looks like a sweet and happy fur baby :3

  • Stella Wiggins

    Stella Wiggins

     8 months ago

    The cats nose is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooocute!!

  • creativa rodriguez

    creativa rodriguez

     8 months ago


  • Jennifer Vincent

    Jennifer Vincent

     8 months ago

    WOW......worst presentation ever. Amazing how you can make or destroy a good story with storytelling skills level......

  • C M

    C M

     8 months ago

    When you have to do a 500 words essay, and you have nothing to say.

  • PIZZA ProGacha

    PIZZA ProGacha

     8 months ago