30 vs 1: Dating App in Real Life

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  • Published on:  Sunday, November 18, 2018
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  • Jubilee

     8 months ago

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  • Kailey Strafford

     2 days ago

    Have you thought of doing a girls swipe girls or boys swipe boys version?

  • Cristina Borgovan

     2 months ago

    @Campbell Cutler you don't really care when you don't get an "it's a match" message on your screen, this tho it's more cruel like reality I guess

  • Abi Assi Raymond

     2 months ago

    This guy has the "my familly are millionaires" smile

  • TWK Aqib

     18 hours ago


  • Tim Tim

     4 days ago

    You're absolutely right 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Lexi Y

     1 months ago

    How many asians do you want in this vid?Jubilee: YES

  • XxGamingBoyxX

     2 days ago

    Stella Kim are you racist or something I swear you just want whites I have loads of Asian friends so what I feel sorry for them

  • Kevin Tang

     4 days ago

    ​@L 9 depends on where you're from. Jubilee is shot in LA, which is the county with the highest number of Asians in the United States

  • Erik Hoaglund

     2 months ago

    10 girls left him, but dude still ends up with the prettiest girl. Dudes a baller. Respect.

  • Branbran4

     7 hours ago

    Erik Hoaglund the girl from 3:31 was the best looking that matched him

  • zZigzag


    Sorry but the prettiest one was the chick with the curly reddish hair that he said no to smh

  • ShnoogleMan

     1 months ago

    As a guy, some of his choices in the first part made no sense to me.

  • TWK Aqib

     18 hours ago

    Me too

  • Hugo Danz


    he swipes right to the smiley one, and that's cute

  • Zaara Khan

     2 months ago

    imagine how awkward this would be if everyone left when they asked who would swipe left on him

  • Quiet Storm



  • That_Bebe_Across_The_Street

     10 days ago


  • kim e. powell

     1 months ago

    He picked the one girl who said “I love Indian food. Just throwing that out there.” LOL

  • Andrew Mitchell

     11 hours ago

    @Dj Kesha Crown see seems really in to him tho

  • B R O K E N H E A R T

     12 days ago

    @Ranbeer Malhotra sooo;-;

  • Trany Mabirizi

     29 days ago

    Breaking New: Man gets jumped by 30 girls outside an alley.

  • Olivia Konefal

     10 days ago

    I’m only replying to this comment because I felt proud I was the 1000th like

  • Misgorgeous Saffo

     10 days ago


  • Anønymøus Urie

     1 months ago

    I knew he'd end up with that girl lmao. Tbf she's really gorgeous.

  • mint suga

     2 days ago

    When she showed he had a moment like a pause and I'm like ik he gonna pick her, plus shes really pretty

  • Vertex Soarer

     6 days ago

    She's sooo cute!!!

  • Eric K

     27 days ago

    Did anyone else say “really?" when he swiped left at 1:59

  • Cat Girl19082

     3 days ago


  • Hannah W.

     3 days ago

    Watch it again and see who is and isn't smiling. It all makes sense then.