Vidcon fun times wow so fun excitement 10/10 would vidcon again

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, June 29, 2016
  • recording on this camera made my voice sound annoying i'm sorryalso the video's kinda long (i tried to make it as short as possible) so I added a bunch of dumb edits that i hope keep you entertained lolThanks to Tony, James, Alex, Den, Dom, Jomm, Leigh, Rebecca, Cade, Soy, Tiffany, Red, all my friends, and everyone else I finally was able to meet~ You all made this trip the best experience I could've ever asked for. And I'm still in shock about how many people we met and ran into this trip! I wasn't expecting anyone to want to see us, but signing for more than 2 hours all together and running into so many followers just walking around really put things into perspective.. I'm so happy that people are enjoying the videos we make, and it makes me happy to know people really care about us :) Thank you------------------------------------------------------------------------------------SUBSCRIBE for more animations! ME SOMETHING! me on Patreon! Send Fanart?You can send it to me through Twitter or DeviantArt (links above), however if you cannot send it through those methods, then you can email it to me through the email below. DISCLAIMER!! There will not be any notification showing that I have seen your art through this method. I highly suggest using the other two :)---------------------------------------------Music: just my voice and stuff------------------------------------------------------------------------------------And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D I really appreciate everyone who I met at VidCon, you're the best!! And hope to see anyone else who couldn't make it next year!!
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  • Cheyenne Lacy

    Cheyenne Lacy

     2 years ago +1850

    James looks so happy talking to CaptainSparklez it just makes me happy lmao.
    Anyone else?
    Me trying to brighten the comment section :(

  • anime_ kpop

    anime_ kpop

     3 months ago +1281

    2:26 “Thats for u Guys, I already ate
    Little did they know...
    edit: wow this comment got real popular. I’ve now looked at all of these Comments and most of them are about “we’re not sure if she didnt eat or if she ate before” and stuff and i do agree. But it did break me inside when she said that. So just making sure that it could’ve been that she ate already before. And i know it is kinda rude what i said here a couple months ago (2 to be exact) so yeah. But i wanna let this Comment stay to see what ya’ll guys think. Also,i do not think this is a Joke. My Sis had a eating Disorder. And i almost was going to have one. But i got help by my Sisters. I know how it feels to have a eating Disorders and depression. I know it. So don’t worry, i’m not making Jokes about this.

  • fOrtnItE sUcks mInEcrAft Is bEttEr

    fOrtnItE sUcks mInEcrAft Is bEttEr

     2 months ago +444

    The sentences that Jaiden said that has a theory to her anorexia:
    "You deserve it more than I do."
    "Thats for you guys, i already ate."
    "The lowest point of Dom's life."
    "You guys made me feel the happiest I've ever been."

  • Cecilia And Stuff

    Cecilia And Stuff

     3 months ago +920

    Jaiden: You deserve that a lot more than I do
    Me: head cracks
    Jaiden: That's for you guys. I already ate.
    Me: head shatters

  • Choco Tzu

    Choco Tzu

     2 months ago +483

    "That's for you guys, I already ate"
    I can't see that sentence the same way after she publish the face reveal video

  • Guess who

    Guess who

     2 years ago +1751

    It's so sad when Jaiden says she is the happiest she's ever been, when really she was the worst she'd ever been

  • RadioGuy


     4 months ago +878

    Knowing what she went through...
    this video has a very disturbing context to it that can't be undone

  • Bodie Schott

    Bodie Schott

     3 months ago +70

    At 6:15 she had no idea she would eventually win $100,000 with him playing an irl battle Royale 😂

  • Spades Is a potato

    Spades Is a potato

     4 months ago +588

    When she said I already ate what do you think James were thinking? Tony and James looked a bit worried 😟
    Edit: yes I know she’s vegan. Stop being salty at me ;-; but this comment is no different from all the rest of the comment section so STOP :(

  • RadioGuy


     4 months ago +302

    If I were there, I would've given her the biggest hug.
    That line hit me like a truck

  • TheOdd1sOut


     3 years ago +10643


  • Sorcha Murphy

    Sorcha Murphy

     3 months ago +283

    When she said "I already ate" it broke my heart...
    I am so sorry that someone so pure had to go through that amount of pain...

  • Michael Playz

    Michael Playz

     2 months ago +93

    (trying to lighten the comments section just a bit)

  • e d

    e d

     4 months ago +90

    Who else is from the why I don't have a face reveal cause my heart breaks 💔💔💔💔💔 when she says no that's for you both I already ate!!😭😢😭😭😭😭😭😿😿😿😭

  • Hilal Sheel

    Hilal Sheel

     1 months ago +39

    He tries to give jaiden a hug and then James just TACKLES him
    LMAO 😂

  • Logan Sailboat

    Logan Sailboat

     a years ago +1605

    I don't want this to be taken the wrong way, but I can never watch this the same way again. Knowing that she was in constant agony during this whole experience. She is STELLAR.

  • River Bend

    River Bend

     1 months ago +26

    After the face reveal video...
    that "I already ate"
    Takes on a whole new connotation.
    I hope you're doing well Jaiden. Stay strong.

  • Ariana Quebert

    Ariana Quebert

     5 months ago +94

    "I'm proud of my deck " I genuienly had to re-wind that because I though he said dic-

  • Kawaii potato :3

    Kawaii potato :3

     3 months ago +38

    “I all ready ate.”
    Me: makes a sad deflating balloon sound

  • Sofia Terese

    Sofia Terese

     3 months ago +53

    The tumblr hat perfectly matches James’ outfit like that aesthetic man