What To Expect From Justice League Snyder Cut

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  • Published on:  Thursday, May 28, 2020
  • The theatrical cut of Justice League disappointed critics and many fans, but now director Zack Snyder has gotten the green light to make his original version of the movie a reality. We already know a few things about what it'll look like here's what fans can expect.

    The biggest issue that Warner Bros. reportedly had with Zack Snyder's version of Justice League was that it was too long. In 2017, The Wall Street Journal claimed that the studio's CEO had stepped in and demanded that the film be trimmed down to two hours, a full hour shorter than Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Snyder managed to turn in a version that ran for two hours and 20 minutes before he departed the project, but that isn't the cut we're going to see on HBO Max in 2021.

    According to The Hollywood Reporter, Snyder's, quote, "optimal version" of Justice League was actually four hours long. He was well aware that Warner Bros. was unlikely to release a four-hour film in theaters, but now that the project is destined for streaming, Snyder may actually get his wish.

    In fact, we may even get more than four hours. The director told THR that the studio was considering releasing Zack Snyder's Justice League as a series.

    After hosting some Warner Bros. execs at his home to discuss the idea of finally releasing his version of Justice League, Snyder floated the idea of fleshing out what they already had and creating six "chapters" that would end with cliffhangers. The studio has reportedly allocated $20-$30 million to add the finishing touches to the existing material, so a six-part Justice League series is a very real possibility.

    The extensive reshoots conducted by replacement director Joss Whedon drastically changed large sections of Snyder's film, and one of the biggest victims was Ray Fisher's Victor Stone, a.k.a Cyborg. Keep watching the video to see what to expect from Justice League Snyder cut.

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    A much longer run time | 0:13
    Lots more Cyborg | 1:24
    Iris West's debut | 2:23
    More Atlantis | 3:21
    Bigger role for Lex Luthor | 4:15
    Darkseid's big reveal | 5:23
    Steppenwolf's brutal ending | 6:20
    Another Knightmare sequence | 7:27
    Black suit Superman | 8:27
    Martian Manhunter's debut | 9:32
    Everyone else who got cut | 10:31

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