Chloe & Halle On Working & Getting Signed By Beyoncé, OTRII + Grownish

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 2, 2018
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  • Lex Life

    Lex Life

     9 months ago +985

    They look so moisturized 🤣😍

  • Dutch Bitch

    Dutch Bitch

     a years ago +943

    “ I didn’t get to go to prom because we were performing at Coachella “ goals😩

  • DarkSkinSavior 90

    DarkSkinSavior 90

     a years ago +706

    16:45 "Don't dumb yourself down for the world, Let the world catch up to you." Wise words being spoken here

  • successful


     a years ago +836

    They must be protected at all cost, I’m ready to throw hands with whoever.

  • Kharah_Jay Live

    Kharah_Jay Live

     a years ago +1680

    Her little sister voice is very soothing, she should do a podcast.

  • Dillon Chambal

    Dillon Chambal

     6 months ago +358

    You can tell the Halle admires her older sister by the way she looks at her when she's talking...

  • COSMIC SOLIDER 144,000

    COSMIC SOLIDER 144,000

     a years ago +727

    Chloe played young Beyoncé in Fighting Tempation and now signed to her label. Life will come full circle if you stay blessed up and continue in your path

  • Reese NineEightNine

    Reese NineEightNine

     a years ago +391

    The little sister has an amazing voice, she can talk about shit for an hour and it will sound soothing lol

  • Josie Dolin

    Josie Dolin

     1 months ago +283

    Who’s here after Halle was announced as Ariel?😍✨

  • Niya Danyalle

    Niya Danyalle

     a years ago +156

    These girls speak better than some of the grown men that come on here😂

  • JayVern Productions

    JayVern Productions

     a years ago +365

    Beyoncé couldn’t have chosen better protégés Besides then being great artist they ate down to earth humble and positive. That alone will
    Make them
    Future Legends.

  • Tamyra Andrews

    Tamyra Andrews

     a years ago +391

    It’s crazy how their presence commands respect like that. So dope.

  • Connie


     a years ago +277

    I'm happy their dad was there a brilliant move so the host didn't act like their normal ignant selves

  • Anitra Williams

    Anitra Williams

     a years ago +1059

    They're so poised and ladylike. Very confident and sure of themselves. Their parents did an amazing job. This is how I want my daughter to carry herself. 😀😀😍😍

  • Kiarra Benjamin

    Kiarra Benjamin

     1 months ago +214

    this interview made me want to clean room and better my life. So that's what I'm going to do.

  • AperiLife


     1 months ago +140

    So happy for Halle being castes as Ariel in the little mermaid!! She’s going to be fantastic!

  • Shunnie Cee

    Shunnie Cee

     a years ago +202

    Whoever disliked this video🗣🗣 YA MOMS A HOE

  • kmoses99


     a years ago +170

    Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;
    in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.
    ~ Proverbs 3:5-6

  • Bridgette smith

    Bridgette smith

     a years ago +2176

    Their voices singing and talking are so therapeutic!

  • Hailey Gamba

    Hailey Gamba

     a years ago +810

    These girls are a true class act!