Game of Thrones 8x01 "Winterfell" Reaction (PART 1)

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  • Published on:  Monday, April 15, 2019
  • It's finally here !!
    PART 2:

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  • Renee Gloss

    Renee Gloss

     1 months ago

    I respect everyone's opinion's on season 8 (personally loved it) but my main argument is something you said yourself "15M per-episode budget and they spent it on the dragons" they could either use the money for CGI and the big battles, and less episodes. Or less of that and more episodes for more character building. I think they expected us to know the characters by now, and know that even though WE don't want them to do something, it makes sense for that character to. Examples: Daenerys didn't go mad, she was just so lost and had a tragic ending. I would have loved to see more of her depression and anxiety spiral but I understand why we weren't able to get all of that! Jamie has always loved Cersi, always chose Cersi, always fucked up for Cersi, and as a lot of people do in toxic relationships, he went back to her in the end.

    That's just how I see it though

  • Autumn Geuea

    Autumn Geuea

     7 months ago

    I just saw ur reaction to Jon stabbing Dany and now I gotta follow u just for that because that's real af

  • TWSTF 8

    TWSTF 8

     8 months ago +1

    You gotta try getting Lee to upload more than one video a week lol that's way too few and far between 👍

  • xedra


     8 months ago

    LOL, OMG your reactions give me LIFE!!! XD

  • Jorge's Blog

    Jorge's Blog

     8 months ago

    Hi Georgie, nice reaction. I hope people come to see my reaction too ;) lol

  • Lucius-Alexander Darkside

    Lucius-Alexander Darkside

     8 months ago

    Get as loud as you want King G. I love how real your reactions are. You truly do "keep it real". Great job!

  • Alejandra Bel Gutierrez

    Alejandra Bel Gutierrez

     8 months ago +2

    just loving your love for dany since forever and always so amazing you make me love her even more team dany until the end

  • Caraxes


     9 months ago

    team dany all the way.... we are the 5% that actually loves her

  • Oxycontin.


     9 months ago

    i hope Jon is going to have to kill Dany in order to become The Prince That Was Promised, just to see your beta ass cry like a little girl.

  • Arya Dark

    Arya Dark

     9 months ago

    you had me at "stroke it you're gonna ride it"

  • loveballetmuch


     9 months ago +1

    "What do dragons eat anyway?"

    Gods, she looks and talks so much like Cersei at that moment I just wanted to slap her. 😂

  • Thamirys Pereira

    Thamirys Pereira

     9 months ago

    I really love Sansa in this episode! I think she's really smart and have reason to suspicious Daenerys ... we know Dany but Sansa don't. She have stay carefully with anyone who don't be a Stark, that is the most smartest thing to do.

  • Funnysterste


     9 months ago

    This is Lord George... He is the Dany-Fanboy #1.

  • Night King

    Night King

     9 months ago

    I'm bringing my army and my champions Hodor, Giants, Summer , and my dragon.. I will also be collecting Theon and Sam.. Too soon ? He he he

  • Odin Akechi

    Odin Akechi

     9 months ago

    King G is back!!

  • HornedHunter2000


     9 months ago

    Now this is just my theory but I think Tyrion has betrayed Daenerys when he met with Cersei I think he promised her that her child would be named successor to Daenerys should she die without an heir

  • Christopher Tracy

    Christopher Tracy

     9 months ago

    Cersei LIED about being pregnant. I see U love Queen Daenerys as much as I do.

  • Hound


     9 months ago +2

    mate, ive been watching season 1-7 for 2 years almost in a loop, when i see season 8, i just cant believe that it's new contents, i thought i was dreaming, now i cant stop watching S08E01, like everyday until episode 2 in 4 days

  • Meera Khan

    Meera Khan

     9 months ago +12

    Yass! Finally a youtuber who loves Dany. I am loosing my mind over all this Dany hate after this episode. Her outfit was beautiful.

  • Kim Seymour

    Kim Seymour

     9 months ago

    My favourite line this episode was Cersei’s, which surprised me. “You want a whore, but one, you want a queen, earn her”. I hate Cersei and can’t wait for her to die but I was punching the air shouting yes at that one :) so badass ❤️