How Difficult is Travelling Japan without Japanese? | Travel Tips

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, March 27, 2018
  • Travelling Japan without Japanese might not be as tough as you think.► LEARN more about Japan on the Podcast:► GET inspiration for your trip:► VISIT the Japan National Tourism site:► DISCOVER daily ideas for your trip:► SEE Japan: **FOLLOW THE ADVENTURE**► Facebook:► Twitter:► Instagram: @abroadinjapan**EQUIPMENT I USE**► MAIN Camera:► INDOOR Lens:► OUTDOOR Lens: ► FAVOURITE Lens:► BACKUP Camera:► STABILISED Camera: Enquiries:
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  • Catt Lewis

     1 years ago

    I stayed at a hostel in Osaka and asked the receptionist if there was a cat cafe that she recommended, she told me to go have a cup of tea and she would write down the details, I thought she meant the address and how to get there but instead she typed up a comprehensive guide to every cat cafe in the area including pro's and con's and what kinds of cats they had. That was when I realised that Japanese people generally are ridiculously helpful and kind! :)

  • L0vac

     16 hours ago

    Last year I visited Tokyo. Arrived at around 11pm, didn't have a pocket wifi. It was raining. I managed to find one dude outside the train station and asked for directions. He was looking at the map for around 10 minutes and then told me "My English not so good. Come, I show." He walked with friend and me for almost half an hour on the pouring rain to our apartment and said "ok, here". I was so impressed, took his email and invited him out the next day to buy him drinks. We're still...

  • Becky Her

     23 hours ago

    I wanna see it. Send me a pic lol

  • Cardinal Kyle

     2 months ago

    Joke's on you I can't even socialise in English let alone in a foreign language

  • Vikki XD

     6 days ago


  • Magicbloom Aj

     9 days ago

    (Because my sister said that for first funny comment on this video I’d find, I had to like the comment and sub to the person who wrote it.)

  • Shooter Flynn

     9 months ago

    When I went to Japan I was looking for a store off in the suburbs of Tokyo that I had absolutely no idea where it was. I walked into this quiet little restaurant and the owners drew out a detailed map for me and gave me free drinks with lots of smiles and nods to go along with it. Whilst walking there a cargo truck driver who happened to speak a little English asked me where I was headed, and even offered me a ride there. Never in my life have I experienced the hospitality and selflessness of the Jap...

  • Fleato

     1 months ago

    From what I know most Asian country's are like this which is why many military who get stationed in these places and up married, staying there to live, or both

  • Amazingly Awkward

     3 months ago

    Holy crap this nearly made me cry! That's so generous. Finally gonna go this summer, it's gonna cost me a few grand as I'm flying from London but totally gonna be worth it.

  • • Cheshire •

     7 months ago

    "I think I'd be lost in a forest somewhere"*instantly glares at Logan Paul*

  • Natsuki Loves to Bake

     20 days ago

    Evan Stone If you think about it, technically pretty much everyone is a ‘wanker’ 🤔

  • Evan Stone

     3 months ago

    Logan Paul’s a wanker.

  • o0Mystique0o

     10 months ago

    First time I came to Japan, I got lost at the train station. As in: The station was so big, I had to go to the subway and had no idea where to go. I was just standing around, looking lost and a local came up to me and asked me in VERY bad English (but so sweet!) where I had to go. He was with his wife and kids. I pointed at a picture of a subway and he actually left his wife and kids behind, took me to the subway station (that was a few minutes away) and he went back.THAT is how kind the Japanese are...

  • alex carter

     2 months ago

    I was at a Japanese highway rest stop, with a restaurant etc., and my team-mates all trooped to the frozen hamburgers and fries etc to microwave, but I wanted real food so I was trying to figure out the payment/ticket system and a very nice Japanese guy in a blue suit came up and helped me out; I ended up getting a nice hot bowl of noodle soup with seaweed, just the kind of thing I liked growing up (in Hawaii) and it all went great. There are helpful people everywhere.

  • Lorenzo Brown

     3 months ago

    how expensive is it to travel to japan?

  • Xisticai

     1 years ago

    My broke ass sat here wondering if I’ll ever even go to Japan

  • Soft Waffle Child

     9 days ago

    work hard enough and you can my dude

  • Ash2theB

     11 days ago

    I went last year and I thought I would never get there. I been planning since google maps had world at my fingertips. Everyone including myself says do overtime or get a second job if you can. Just have a place you really want to visit there and everything else will come.

  • American Panzer

     11 months ago

    And the 5th key phrase is omae wa mou shindeiru

  • Soulkiller Gaming19

     16 days ago


  • Elessar Strider

     24 days ago


  • やまもと

     1 months ago

    I am Japanese.I am not good at English, but I am very fond of foreigners who speak actively!Many Japanese people like being asked and asking for help and things.Please come to play by all means∩^ω^∩

  • Magicbloom Aj

     3 days ago

    Soft Waffle Child Who?

  • Vikki XD

     6 days ago


  • JMoodyFolk

     10 months ago

    I nearly shat laughing at the horse bit

  • Shadow747

     1 months ago

    Hahah me too

  • Andy Sui

     1 months ago

    rofl same here

  • Lillian Swaim

     11 months ago

    Stolen english accent? Does that mean some poor englishman is wandering around without his?

  • Ma_De_Sa

     6 days ago


  • deus vult

     2 months ago

    TARS I know at least a couple but it usually takes a few pints to get there and "incredible" is a very relative term as is "culturally sensitive".