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  • Published on:  Tuesday, January 10, 2017
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    This is a 4 gas burner which has a sleek design. I like that it has direct flame technology, so its evenly heating the pan (without hitting the edges and burning the outer edges)
    The heat is dissipated evenly which mean less energy is used up as it consumes less time. So all the heat is used to warm up the pan rather than escaping like your conventional burners.
    Its made of really good quality. Can see its cast iron pan supports ar very durable and strong.
    Its really easy and simple to use. Speaks for itself really turn the knob up for high flame and down for low heat.
    I overall like the design its very sleek and stylish. Would look good with any counter top.
    Generally cleaning the parts is very easy but only downside is probably that the black glass always seems to highlight any smudges or lint residue from cloths. Best thing is a lint free dry wipe down.
    And took some time getting used to the diagonal positioning of the gas compared to my four corners. But apart from that really happy with this item. Great quality and great unusual design and no bulky base for easy installation.

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