Last Youtuber To Leave The Box, Wins $10,000 (BOYS EDITION)

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, June 19, 2019
  • We put 7 Youtubers in a box. You can’t sit, lay down & took away their phones. Last to leave the box, wins $10,000 challenge. May the best man win.
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  • KianAndJc


     5 months ago +374

    also, PLEASE go support our best friend Bobby & STREAM HIS NEW SONG on Spotify "Bobby Mares - Only U":
    Follow him on spotify & let's show him our support!

  • jessica


     2 days ago


  • santa henriette

    santa henriette

     2 days ago

    'david does a seetgeak video once a day' wkwkwkkw ok.

  • Yeemo Trash

    Yeemo Trash

     2 days ago

    Text describing Colby:"colby is gonna have to wear a wig if he keeps dying his hair."
    Me:*has dyed my hair over 50 times this year and bleacher it more then 7*
    Me:*hair healthy as fuck*

  • Jeni Rises

    Jeni Rises

     3 days ago

    Awe I love Ricky so much, when he says “that will probably be cut out” it breaks my heart.
    I need more Ricky content!

  • Josefina Barcenas

    Josefina Barcenas

     4 days ago +1

    Omar: in a box full of well known youtubers

    Also Omar: I mean I don’t know how broke y’all are

  • Jazmin Z.

    Jazmin Z.

     5 days ago

    "hehe fuckin assholes"

    Me at school

  • aestheticjenny


     7 days ago

    i remember watching this while i was in cali, in my hotel while eating maruchan.....

  • sarah.borb


     7 days ago

    Corey is the single most annoying person I’ve ever seen

  • Kiley Leroy

    Kiley Leroy

     7 days ago

    Just noticed kian say “colby’s number four” as he’s clearly talking about sam😂

  • Morgan Rose

    Morgan Rose

     14 days ago

    I’m watching this after the girls one and god the girls have so much more endurance

  • Sharon Njuguna

    Sharon Njuguna

     21 days ago +1

    Months later and I'm now obsessed with Sam and Colby and I had to come back and be upset with myself for not knowing them.

  • first love

    first love

     21 days ago

    I Only Clicked Because I Saw SAM AND COLBY!!!!!! and You guys are Pretty Mean

  • Nhi Nguyen

    Nhi Nguyen

     a months ago

    tana never ended up comthing

  • Nhi Nguyen

    Nhi Nguyen

     a months ago

    crawford is just like kristen! (i watched part 2 and i’m in 2019)

  • Nhi Nguyen

    Nhi Nguyen

     a months ago

    jc: just tap a button ‘BOOM’
    me: i didn’t see the “boom” button ;c

  • Cella Sinon

    Cella Sinon

     a months ago

    Kian says "Colby's number four " then it shows Sam not Colby!!!!

  • Jamie Jam

    Jamie Jam

     a months ago

    3:40 you can tell it’s Colby clapping because his rings clang lol

  • Aniya Kamran

    Aniya Kamran

     a months ago

    RIP THE BOX 😭😭

  • Emanae Emanae

    Emanae Emanae

     a months ago

    One of my favorites so I had to come back to this lol