Relaxing Kingdom Hearts Music (COMPLETE)

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  • Published on:  Thursday, June 21, 2018
  • Happy KH3 release date announcement week(?)
    I am SUPER stoked and this game looks just as beautiful and wonderful as I imagined it to be and oh my god the music, Yoko Shimomura has done it again T.T

    Anyway, I hope this playlist will tide you over in the meantime! My first two relaxing KH playlists had such awful editing -_- So this is re-edited and all three parts are combined!

    Song List (thank you so much, Pika Luigi!!)
    0:00 Dearly Beloved (BBS)
    5:28 Destiny Islands (KH2)
    6:32 Lazy Afternoons (KH2.5)
    9:15 Roxas’ Theme (KH2.5)
    10:57 Always on my Mind (KH1.5)
    13:27 Treasured Memories (KH1.5)
    15:10 A Very Small Wish (KH1.5)
    17:13 The Worlds (BBS)
    18:55 Riku's Theme (KH2)
    20:38 Riku's Theme (KH2.5)
    22:23 Tears of Light (BBS)
    25:17 Aqua's Theme (BBS)
    27:41 Naminé's Theme (KH2)
    29:36 Friends in my Heart (KH2.5)
    31:29 Eternal Moments (BBS)
    34:55 Cavern of Remembrance (KH2.5)
    37:56 Vector to the Heavens (KH1.5-358/2 Days)
    41:34 Daybreak Town (KHX-KH Orchestra World Tour)
    43:43 At Dusk I Will Think of You (KH1.5-358/2 Days)
    46:08 Afternoon Streets (KH2.5)
    49:19 Traverse in Trance (KHDDD)
    51:55 Kairi's Theme (KH2.5)
    53:05 Missing You (KH2.5)
    56:07 Even After (KHDDD)
    58:20 Sora's Sacrifice (KH1.5)
    1:01:27 Link to All (KHDDD)
    1:03:53 Neverland Sky (KH1.5)
    1:07:25 Secrets of Neverland (358/2 Days)
    1:09:19 Xion's Theme (KH1.5-358/2 Days)
    1:12:09 Dearly Beloved (KHX Back Cover)
    1:14:19 Lazy Afternoons (KH First Breath)
    1:18:25 Isn't it Lovely (KH2.5)
    1:21:13 Destiny Union (BBS-KH First Breath)
    1:24:30 Traverse Town (KH1-KH First Breath)
    1:27:28 100 Acre Wood Theme (KH2.5)
    1:29:52 Ice Hot Lobster from The Power of Darkness Suite (KH First Breath)
    1:31:34 Daydream Upon Neverland (BBS)
    1:34:44 Hau'oli Hau'oli (BBS)
    1:37:16 The World of Kingdom Hearts (KH Orchestra World Tour)
    1:44:18 Beethoven's Symphony no. 6 Pastoral Op. 68 (KHDDD) 1:53:21 The Secret Whispers (KH0.2)
    1:56:34 End of the World (KH1.5)
    1:59:36 Sacred Distance (KHDDD)
    2:02:40 Dearly Dreams (BBS)
    2:05:23 Treasured Memories (KH Orchestra World Tour)
    2:09:20 Dearly Beloved Reprise (KH2.5)

    photo of our BBS trio lying in the grass by user ゆば!

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