9 fees to NEVER pay a car dealership. Tips on car buying, how to negotiate, and how to buy a car.

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, April 30, 2019
  • Here's a list of common charges. Some of which are gotchas. How to review on the final bill of sale when buying a new or used car. Remember, car dealers, are SNEAKY. They work numbers every day, you don't. In this video, I show you how to spot, and negotiate out of these fees that I think are scams.
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  • Anthony Martin

    Anthony Martin

     an hour ago

    Great information I’m currently in negotiation with the dealership for a 2019 Chevy Tahoe if they had to go to another state to get my vehicle because they didn’t have the one I wanted on the lot should I pay their Destiination fee?

  • Michael Washington

    Michael Washington

     an hour ago

    I was at a dealership previously and the salesman tried to convince me over and over again that he was giving me the best price. When I told him I refused to pay more than x amount he said he would talk to the manager. He came back and said that it was the best price they could do. I told him to bad because the price I mentioned was the price they had the car listed for online then showed him the website price. The only reason I was at the dealership was so that my wife could make sure it had all the features she wanted. However the lot price was almost $3000 higher than the website price. Needless to say we walked away and ended up finding the same car for a better price a few days later at another dealership. Sad part was I had always had good service at the first dealership before. Purchased 3 other cars from them but probably wont go back now.

  • sam more

    sam more

     2 hours ago

    This guy is probably ripping peoples bank accounts by playing the 'honest car dealer" card

  • Mr. Me

    Mr. Me

     2 hours ago

    All those fees are crap. "Anything over $400 dealership processing fee". Yeah thats crap too. Its all gimmick. No different than a cable company tacking on extra when all that stuff should be included in the price. I dont pay my grocery store extra fees for their internal deliveries or payroll for staff so i'm wouldn't pay a car dealership either.

  • Kerry Little

    Kerry Little

     2 hours ago

    I've always had a problem with destination fees. For example we have a Toyota manufacturing company a half mile away from a Toyota dealership. They could almost push the car down the road to drop it off, but they will charge around $1500.00 ( In Canada it costs more) destination fee. So you are saying then on a new car this is written in stone that it can not be negotiated? Or is that just they way business has been done for many years? I do enjoy your informative videos and appreciate all the knowledge you share with your viewers. If I lived in your area I would definitely order my C8 when its available, but I already put a huge deposit down here in cold Canada. LOL.

  • Festus oziegbe

    Festus oziegbe

     4 hours ago

    Im moving to columbus ohio in january Im a young 22 year old just graduated and will need a car to get to my new job. Im being told i would need a 13-15k car however i have lived debt free and dont want to finace it when i will have 10-11K in cash. I see plently of used cars for 8500-9k. what is your take on that and how much miliage is acceptable in todays day and age. If you have some cars I can look at in the market now for that area that would be great also.

  • Richard Gebhardt

    Richard Gebhardt

     4 hours ago

    Sense GM is not listening, I thought would tell you. The full brightness of the backup camera screen at night in the pitch black is a danger. If you are using your rear side view mirrors, and look to the right one, past the screen, you are blinded and can no longer see to backup. The blindness may last for up to 30 seconds. I believe this to be a safety issue. Thanks for listening.

  • La Silveira

    La Silveira

     6 hours ago

    What if your State only has 1 dealership of the car you purchased? 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Nodak81


     9 hours ago

    Doc fee might be legal but that doesn't make it morally legit. You're a dealer. Your business is selling cars. Filing proper paperwork is part of selling a car. I don't go into the grocery store and get hit with a "shelf stocking fee". That's because that cost is already included in the PRICE. Having a separate doc fee is just a way to advertise a deceptively low price and then add fees on top of it later. Doc fee is just as shady as all the others you mentioned.

  • Tim D

    Tim D

     9 hours ago

    Hello Mike, can you PM me? I want to run a used car deal by you if that is OK. Thanks

  • yust1more


     9 hours ago

    Do you sell mustang's? 🤬

  • Geru Chang

    Geru Chang

     13 hours ago

    Thank you Mr Chevy all the way here in the philippines, it helps me a lot, since im planning to buy a car before end of this year but can you also advice when is the perfect time to buy a car, thank you Godbless sir 👍👍

  • Mr. Scoops

    Mr. Scoops

     13 hours ago

    Doc fee? Nah.

  • Car Lady

    Car Lady

     13 hours ago

    Certified Pre-owned vehicle: What do I say if they’re trying to charge me $499 for window tint on the price sheet? It’s an SUV so all windows are smoked glass other than the two front right? So I’m thinking they’re trying to charge me $499 to tint 2 windows?! Is it possible to tell them to go take the tint off then, for real? They also put down a dealer prep fee of $799 & Nitrogen fill tires (lmao) for $299. All in they’re adding $1,597 in aftermarket fees, crazy right?!

  • Rick Rolled

    Rick Rolled

     14 hours ago

    I start at invoice and work down

  • Larry Maynard

    Larry Maynard

     14 hours ago

    I wish I could find a guy like you in louisiana, I'm looking for a car right now but I'm stressing my ass out over here trying to pick the right dealership

  • Arturo Ruiz JR

    Arturo Ruiz JR

     17 hours ago


  • Jeff Rhoden

    Jeff Rhoden

     19 hours ago

    This guy is awesome.

  • Red King

    Red King

     19 hours ago

    300$ is acceptable for paper work?

  • J M

    J M

     20 hours ago

    The service departments and the algorithm they use to fix things is BROKEN. It's like pulling teeth to get an issue fixed unless it's so blatantly obvious that a monkey could find it.
    You shouldnt have to deal with new car problems especially when they go on for 2 or 3 years before they finally admit the problem and offer a free fix or something.
    The cars they are making now days are geared funny and sprung to tight for max MPG. It is really starting to make me mad. I drove a 2019 Camary the dealer wanted 36k for. The transmission was sketchy and jumpy going up hills and searched for gears. The dealer said Toyota has tried to fix it but obviously it didnt work. This was a brand new car on the lot and not a cheap one either. WTF.