Hannah's Little Brother AUDITIONS For The Team! | Dance Moms | Season 8, Episode 13 | Preview

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  • Published on:  Saturday, August 17, 2019
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    Here is a trailer for Season 8 Episode 13. Hope you enjoy!
  • Source: https://youtu.be/gBgAC7bZiJg


  • Halima _W

    Halima _W

     2 months ago

    Jojo want to be omg I am dead 😂😂 LMAO

  • Jamie Tran

    Jamie Tran

     2 months ago

    “We have a jojo wannabe” Stacey funny asf

  • ALDC Central

    ALDC Central

     2 months ago

    Just because she wore a bow doesn’t mean she is a Jojo wannabe

  • Lulu Williams

    Lulu Williams

     2 months ago

    I know it's bad but everytime I see every storm out so mad in her wheelchair it just makes me laugh

  • Alyssa Christen

    Alyssa Christen

     2 months ago

    I just posted my first pieces of choreography!! I would love any and all support!! Thank you!!

  • Maria Matias

    Maria Matias

     2 months ago

    Does anyone know landree from toddlers and tiaras?

  • Sophia Nwanze

    Sophia Nwanze

     2 months ago

    Berkleigh went to elementary school with some of my friends

  • Tabu Amiji

    Tabu Amiji

     2 months ago

    Why is the girl crying

  • didi lizi

    didi lizi

     2 months ago

    The girl who was crying she seems lovely I wish Hanna little brother to be on team there lovely kids jojo waba be she needs to know there always people who are better than u.

  • Monterica Greer

    Monterica Greer

     2 months ago

    0:09 Is it just me or is that landree from toddlers and tiaras 😨😨😨😨😨😨😱😱

  • Rachel Schuman

    Rachel Schuman

     2 months ago

    This video was literally posted ten minutes ago and it already had 6.3k likes love ya

  • Kayla Campbell

    Kayla Campbell

     2 months ago

    Which girl left?

  • Sonny Walters

    Sonny Walters

     2 months ago

    God bless that girl who can put up with that preshr 1 like =1 pray

  • Fun For Everyone

    Fun For Everyone

     2 months ago

    Does anyone know how old Hannah's brother is?

  • Sempaii Wacky

    Sempaii Wacky

     2 months ago

    Hannah’s Brother Doesn’t Make Team

  • aaliyah mooney

    aaliyah mooney

     2 months ago

    It'd be really good if hannahs brother made the team, there will be siblings on the team like tye ogs and and another boy so brady wont always stand out in group dances just because hes the only boy

  • Ambzer Ambzer

    Ambzer Ambzer

     2 months ago

    Omg some girl's wearing a bow, and she's a "JoJo wannabe" seriously

  • Lily Devenney

    Lily Devenney

     2 months ago

    Omg I am so excited for the new people

  • Dazzleberry ALDC

    Dazzleberry ALDC

     2 months ago

    Paris Moore (the girl crying at 0:19) and Berkleigh Hernandez (the girl at 0:11) are AMAZING dancers! They are SOOOO underrated. Berkleigh is 10, so she might bring the age down oof

  • tony le

    tony le

     2 months ago

    This kid is cool