10 Dark 90s Cartoon Theories That Will Ruin Your Childhood

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  • Published on:  Thursday, March 22, 2018
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    Cartoons from the 90s were pretty darn awesome and they still hold a place in the memories of many people today. But despite the fond memories, there are some dark internet theories out there that may just ruin some of your favorite childhood memories. For instance, Ash from Pokemon is potentially in a coma for the whole entire series. That, or he wished to remain a child for the last twenty years. Pinky from Pinky and the Brain may in fact be the brain that the song talks about. Doug Funnie from Doug may have schizophrenia, which is the reason for his vivid daydreams and how he’s able to interact with them. Caillou on the other hand, may have it worse if it’s actually diagnosed with cancer. Two characters from Samurai Jack and Powerpuff girls may in fact be the same character. There also may be a connection between Magic School Bus and Dr. Who. Ed, Edd and Eddy may all be living in purgatory, which would honestly explain a few things and Angelica from the Rugrats show may have been imagining the whole thing in her head. Spongebob Squarepants was insanely popular, but what if he’s existence, along with his pals, were the result of nuclear testing? There’s also substantial evidence that the main villain from Inspector Gadget is a familiar person. By the time we’re done listing the reasons behind these theories, we’re you’re going to look at these hit 90s cartoons in a different light, thanks to these dark theories.

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  • Coasterlocity


     2 days ago

    The last episode of pinky and the brain confirms that their brains were switched by a machine in an experiment. They get switched back and suddenly Pinky's posh accent makes perfect sense. Hes actually a genius and Narf is really brain's catch phrase. He says it at the end.

  • clowntown brown

    clowntown brown

     7 days ago

    yes YES ash coma theory babeyyyyyy

  • Rob Fowler

    Rob Fowler

     7 days ago

    Regarding Pinky and the Brain, that is not a theory. Its the ironic basis of most of the comedy of the show. For you to present it like its some kind of theory means you fundaMENTALly missed much of the charm of that series. But theories aside, facts are facts. Pinky calls the brain "Brain" and Brain calls Pinky "Pinky". There is no doubt which one is which.

  • Rob Fowler

    Rob Fowler

     7 days ago

    Regarding "Spongebob" I kinda hafta take exception to your phrase "Which actually takes place in". Need I remind you that was a cartoon which actually took place no place?!?!!??!



     21 days ago

    Omg, let's guess who came up with these? First it started with Tipper Gore, wife of Vice President AL Gore who South Park destroys every chance they can. Why? Because it was Tipper who wants Parential Warnings on Music after her daughter was listening to the Album Purple Rain by Prince, the song Darling Nikki. Btw, the Gore's are Democrats. When the song describes Nikki masterbating in a magazine, Tipper lost her mind. She was the start. Then someone had a problem with the Telle Tubbies.

  • SNEEMXYCG Gaming and comedy

    SNEEMXYCG Gaming and comedy

     1 months ago

    Brain might have ADS or antisocial disorder

  • Iyana Binion

    Iyana Binion

     1 months ago

    I thought that ash when he was getting attacked by the spearows he fell he hit his head and that’s how he got his coma

  • Brayden Smith

    Brayden Smith

     1 months ago

    9:26 yea i can and he is one of my best freinds

  • Dylan Morris

    Dylan Morris

     1 months ago

    gadget and the bald kid

  • Keith Callaway

    Keith Callaway

     1 months ago

    These were great cartoons back samurai jack and power puff girls and dexter laboratory 🔬

  • British Buffoons

    British Buffoons

     1 months ago

    Dr Claw is a hand.

  • Dextor Swift

    Dextor Swift

     1 months ago

    shut up calliou

  • jonathandetournillon


     1 months ago

    Gave up half way through. Waste of tine

  • jonathandetournillon


     1 months ago

    Spongebob and bikini bottom is NOT a theory. It actually exists and the reason for the show.

  • terrica m

    terrica m

     1 months ago

    angelica understands them because she's a baby too of sorts. angelica is only 3 or 4 in the show. also tommy is her cousin. this idea also doesn't explain how suzy and later kimi understand them also it doesn't explain how kimi and tommy get to be siblings or the fact that dee dee keeps looking at professor lipchicks for help in child rearing if none of the kids are real. sorry too many obvious reasons this one isn't real.

  • LordPepper


     1 months ago

    Let's be real Caillou as a character can stuff it

  • Golden Fox

    Golden Fox

     1 months ago

    9:12 Caillou isn't doing so so well
    What's with the extra so?

  • PIKAGAMERCHU 292 Lilyflow

    PIKAGAMERCHU 292 Lilyflow

     1 months ago

    He could use the never age theory on any cartoon

  • Philipp Ludwig

    Philipp Ludwig

     1 months ago

    I hope the creator realizes that "millenials" is more 80s and less 90s.

  • Ryan Gillen

    Ryan Gillen

     1 months ago

    So many of these aren't even truly 90s cartoons! Many of them only got a few episodes aired in that decade. Powerpuff Girls, Samurai Jack, Ed Edd n Eddy, and Spongebob among others got their first airings in late 1998 or later. They are all 2000s cartoons by any realistic definition. Those of us who grew up on actual 90s cartoons know better.

    And what the heck is Caillou? I never even heard of that one before today. I had to look it up just to learn how to spell the cartoon's name. Looks like this one aired from 1997-2010, almost exclusively on Canadian networks. Definitely another 2000s cartoon trying to cross the border. Stay in your own decade!