Colin discusses Adam Silver's pro-player missteps & how KD's decision reflects them | NBA | THE HERD

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, July 10, 2019
  • Colin Cowherd opens up the show today to discuss Adam Silver, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. Hear how Colin thinks Silver's pro-player attitude has caused some problems in the league and why KD's choice to join the Brooklyn Nets reflects those problems.

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    The Herd with Colin Cowherd is a three-hour sports television and radio show on FS1 and iHeartRadio. Every day, Colin will give you his authentic, unfiltered opinion on the day’s biggest sports topics.

    Colin discusses Adam Silver's pro-player missteps & how KD's decision reflects them | NBA | THE HERD

    The Herd with Colin Cowherd
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  • The Herd with Colin Cowherd

    The Herd with Colin Cowherd

     4 months ago +28

    Has Adam Silver given NBA players too much power?

  • bryce2124


     3 months ago

    Four beers Colin cmon man

  • Sammy GBaby85

    Sammy GBaby85

     3 months ago

    Since Austin Rivers plays for the Rockets, and Doc Rivers is the Head Coach of the Clippers, if they went to dinner after the Rockets play the Clippers (or visa versa), or went on vacation together during a lay off like the All-Star break... would that be tampering? You know they’ve talked about Austin playing for Doc again down the line.

  • LGNDarii


     4 months ago

    Adam if you're really bent on changing NBA schedule;

    Half preseason games
    Playoffs format

    First round 1 game wins all.
    2nd round best out of 3.
    3rd round best out of 5.
    Championship best out of 7 obvsly due to the randomness if the first round and like the clippers could've won they would've had to beat a better team in championship round 4 times if they exactly made it. That's my idea otherwise leave it alone, it exposes the real Hooper's.

  • Victor R

    Victor R

     4 months ago +1

    You over-compliment your kid and you end up with someone who want to riot in the streets of Portland.

  • ISO God

    ISO God

     4 months ago

    Wtf does parenting have to do with this... you know what I’m done for the day.

  • christian tagapan

    christian tagapan

     4 months ago

    now i know that one of the beegees is the NBA’S commisioner

  • 3227gb


     4 months ago

    “Im pro mobility” = “im pro big markets”

  • Simshine95


     4 months ago

    I think the NBA should adopt the european football model. Yes to the salary cap but no max contract ceiling, 5 years max eligibility extended to every player, trade destinations must be agreed by both teams and players and more importantly the trade and free-agency deadline window shortened to limit in-season transactions

  • Day Walker

    Day Walker

     4 months ago

    Well you all did or did not know about the DUO conversations... because if you did, then you knew about Paul leaving when he knew that Westbrick was going too.. Too much drama in OKC. Kd's move must have been supported for ALL the DUO talks.. In addition, The commissioner and the owners HAD to quell all the super-team talks.. and the players agreed to give folks a fair enough chance to win the TITLE. This is nicely orchestrated and agreed on..

  • Ja'Quandre Jones

    Ja'Quandre Jones

     4 months ago

    You dont get to pick where you start your career and if you're a star you're forced to spend 7 years with the team you didnt pick. Oh but they can trade you whenever they want. American sports breeds wanting out of contracts you're essentially forced into.

  • P.A. Speed

    P.A. Speed

     4 months ago

    So now they hire hookers to be Cowturd’s sidekick? Score one for the hoes!!

  • Candi


     4 months ago

    Steph Curry/Klay is not the same as KD/Steph. That comparison dismisses how toxic things are for them as a pair as it relates to the media. They wanted them to break up. The media said KD(2 FMVP) just has to accept he is the #2 option for GSW. Klay is more willing to accept his role b/c he clearly isn’t their best player. KD wasn’t willing to settle as their most talented and efficient player. Soooo it was never going to last.

  • Leif Levang

    Leif Levang

     4 months ago

    does adam silver pay you for this ?

  • Anthony McArthur

    Anthony McArthur

     4 months ago

    KD wanted the Knicks but they didn't offer a max so he settled on Broklyn

  • Gaatsu Guts

    Gaatsu Guts

     4 months ago

    lol what was that

  • Leighton Harris

    Leighton Harris

     4 months ago

    I’d be a stay at home dad for joy and cool and clean just to nut in her

  • Stink Stinkel

    Stink Stinkel

     4 months ago

    Dam she looked good today

  • Stephen Ikem

    Stephen Ikem

     4 months ago

    Excellent analysis. The best so far. Steve, Dray, Steph and Klay's personalities are perfect for a team's culture. And D'Angelo and Willie, just listening to them, are not far off from great personalities. That is what I will base a judgment on. Those who ignore these GSW players do so at your own risk. Culture and common goal will win out when the season gets tougher. Remember, it was the heart and common culture that got them to the finals of a very tough western conference in the first place. Most teams would have folded with what they had to go through all last season.

  • KennyD


     4 months ago

    I honestly believe New Orleans getting Zion was rigged by Adam Silver cuz if Zion never went there, I don’t think New Orleans trades AD. I’m all for player movement too, but breaking contracts is getting ridiculous.