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  • Published on:  Monday, April 23, 2018
  • Can parents guess what their kids will do with 100 dollars? Find out in What Would My Kid Do?!Watch all main React episodes (Kids/Teens/Elders/Adults/YouTubers): the SuperFam and support FBE: & HIT THE 🔔! New Videos 2pm PST on FBE! latest videos from FBE: R and Gabe from Kids React are given 100 dollars in a grocery store, can their parents and you at home guess what they buy?Note: These episodes were made with help from Facebook, and only now were we able to release them here on YouTube! Thanks for the support!Featuring from Kids React:Emma and her Dad KevinGabe and his Mom Mimi 👕 https://www.shopfbe.comFollow FBE:FBE WEBSITE: CHANNEL: CHANNEL: CHANNEL: US STUFF:FBEP.O. BOX 4324Valley Village, CA 91617-4324Narrator - Ben M WallerExecutive Producer -Benny FineExecutive Producer - Rafi FineVP of Production - Nick BergtholdProducer - Ben M. WallerProducer - Ashim AhujaDirector of Production - Drew RoderDirector of Post Production - Adam SpeasPost Production Supervisor - David ValbuenaCoordinator - Karina FarahPA - Julia RayPA - Max HollingsheadDOP - Stephen LingCam Op - Kevin Kim1st AC - Lauren Guiteras2nd AC - Nathan SaksSound Mixer - Kyle McLaneSound Mixer - Mey ChanGaffer - Kevin KimKey Grip - Jack HoSet Teacher - Joyce SprottEditor - Taylor S BarrettAssistant Editor - Chris HwaColorist - Stephen LingGFX - William HylerSound Design and Mix - Jacob Houchen© FBE, Inc.CAN PARENTS GUESS WHAT THEIR KID DOES WITH 100 DOLLARS? Ep. # 2
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  • FBE


     a years ago +2079

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  • ashley


     a years ago +7597

    Gabe is so sweet oh my goshhh “I don’t wanna make my mom mad”

  • Sal


     a years ago +10223

    Poor guy, his questions were so much tougher!

  • Clau Panquecito

    Clau Panquecito

     a years ago +4660

    it really amazed me that Emma's dad got the logic right...I mean, he didn't choose the right answer, but he knew what was the most likely thing for her to do...

  • WhiteLotus


     a years ago +3498

    If I was one of those kids I would just save $100 lol

  • Madi Padi

    Madi Padi

     a years ago +6011

    How do I know these kids more than their parents

  • Emaan Ali

    Emaan Ali

     a years ago +2941

    I thought the boy was a gurl

  • Shraddha Pai

    Shraddha Pai

     a years ago +1840

    Gabe Is more responsible as a kid than me as an adult.

  • Tea


     a years ago +4765

    man gabe is a great kid

  • Edgarrr Grr

    Edgarrr Grr

     a years ago +1911

    That kid Gabe is gonna be a responsible husband one day he sure has unselfish thoughts, good job mom. Lol

  • Emmeline Turner

    Emmeline Turner

     a years ago +5824

    That dad and his daughter are goals

  • twenty one goners

    twenty one goners

     a years ago +836

    "Broccoli is like, my favorite." :,) god bless him

  • KeterSouls


     a years ago +1360

    Kevin questions were a lot harder.

  • Marylin Martinez

    Marylin Martinez

     a years ago +334

    Can parents guess what their teenagers does with 100 dollars

  • aadil zeeshan

    aadil zeeshan

     a years ago +317

    You should do one with teenagers

  • Lonelyheartsclub


     a years ago +498

    Gabe is such a good brother I wouldn’t get anything for my siblings lmao

  • Jillian Louise

    Jillian Louise

     a years ago +2170

    Omg the endingggggg bahahaha "can I at least have the ice cream ?" "Sure" " then I'm totally fine with this" lolll these kids are amazing

  • MrMisterPS Jackie

    MrMisterPS Jackie

     a years ago +936

    Gabe is smart kid. He buys Sprite and Root Beer because they're caffeine free.

  • Faith The star

    Faith The star

     a years ago +498

    Lol the dad pretty much got most of them right

  • Eli :/

    Eli :/

     a years ago +1609

    The dad saying he knew his daughter a lot and the mom won😂