Weird Health Chips Taste Test

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, January 9, 2019
  • We've tried chips that are trying to be healthy, but how good are healthy food that are trying to be chips?  GMMore #1457

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  • bravelittleslytherin


     16 hours ago

    Could he be thinking of Conway Twitty?

  • Drake Alexander

    Drake Alexander


    GMM fanfic writers are having a field day with this.

  • Maizy



    I guess you could say that "this beet go hard" ;);););;)

  • DarkquestDeathhunter



    Why does everyone appear to be German on this episode especially? Like they are really speaking German but the producers programmed the most convincing voice over work tonmathematiclal their mouths 👄

  • Dylan Armstrongg

    Dylan Armstrongg

     2 days ago

    conway tweedy

  • Jay M

    Jay M

     3 days ago

    bro kale chips are amazing my mama makes them at home all the time!

  • PackSquad 45

    PackSquad 45

     4 days ago

    Jenn's smile is freaking beautiful!

  • Keiyato


     5 days ago

    Kale chips are not for everyone but personally, I love them like crazy.

  • Madison Cooley

    Madison Cooley

     6 days ago

    Conway Twitty?

  • Nico Hart

    Nico Hart

     6 days ago

    Those nails are gorgeous! That girl has some serious talent. I'd wear those and I HATE manicures

  • MrJtin69


     6 days ago

    Should be " And Mail day Means Jennn time " as we don't get to see Jenn enough ! Or some other mythical crew members as well

  • Austin is god

    Austin is god

     7 days ago

    How are y’all so cute am confused😂👀

  • Barbara Docherty

    Barbara Docherty

     7 days ago

    Gene Simmons’s wife is Shannon Tweed

  • GertyVlogs


     7 days ago

    ok the first bit was painfulll!! hahahaha good thing we love you guys <3!

  • Barbara Danley

    Barbara Danley

     7 days ago

    Quinoa DOES have protein. People refer to it as a grain, but really it's a seed.
    And it's delicious.

  • Aisha Mitchell

    Aisha Mitchell

     7 days ago

    This episode just made me feel so very warm and fuzzy! Mail! And Jen! Love it.

  • Miamaya 990

    Miamaya 990

     7 days ago

    Link’s ASMR?

  • shortcuts573


     8 days ago

    more cute girls please

  • Gabriel Babbitt

    Gabriel Babbitt

     8 days ago

    Why don't you do a mail thing anymore? Like the boulder, room or key chain?

  • MissNimmieAmee


     8 days ago

    6:55 Link sniffling over the letter is the sweetest thing I've seen all day