Magic is Rising: Stand With Sylas | League of Legends

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  • Published on:  Friday, January 25, 2019
  • Demacia is built on a lie. All these noble ideals and promises of a brighter future - they were never meant for us. For too long have we mages had to hide in the shadows, and it has cost us everything.It is time we stand up and fight back!
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  • StrongAnvil - Gaming Compilation

     5 months ago

    Demacia vs Demacia."Noxus laughs at distance"

  • JPartner Napussakorn

     4 hours ago

    But Ionia has ZedNoxus:.....

  • NoTicE mE sEnPaI

     2 months ago

    Zaun: LoL🤣🤣🤣

  • Damion

     5 months ago

    Demacia: Magic is bad.Garen: *Huge magic sword drops from the sky executing enemies of Demacia*Demacia: What was that?Garen: ...uh..DEMACIAAA!...Demacia: ...fair enough.

  • Edaix

     2 hours ago

    @Janusz Pawulon xD

  • Janusz Pawulon

     8 hours ago

    @Siegram Akito dobra nie zesraj sie jd

  • Aquafina Perez

     5 months ago

    That voice actor is hella good wtf.

  • Regan Donohue

     4 hours ago

    He reminds me of the Tyrion VO from TWWH

  • X Δ N

     5 months ago

    Highly likely that its the Legendary Ramon Tikaram. He also voice acts in Fable III.

  • Uchiha Sasuke

     5 months ago

    Here spoiler,this is what happenedMages of demacia attacked demaciaGalio steps on the entire mage army.The end.

  • Patches

     15 hours ago

    Tbh Petricite sponges up magic and sylas can steal magic from petricite and if the magic stored in garen's petricite infused sword was enougth to knock him out imgaine galio's

  • Killios NotAION

     1 months ago

    @Alex Darum you know they would gut her if they knew that she is a mage too xD

  • Rated T with Tristan

     5 months ago

    Meanwhile in Noxus: *DARIUS IS LAUGHING*

  • Kobra PlayGaming

     1 months ago

    with draven eat crunchips

  • Someone 5173

     3 months ago

    Rated T with Tristan Lol 420 likes

  • Colossus

     5 months ago

    Enemy laner: My ultimate is ready.Sylas: *OUR ultimate*⚑☭

  • Gamer For FUN

     14 days ago

    he can have the ult if he reach 6 first lmao

  • Anime Arena

     4 months ago

    Sylas: OUR ultimateGaren: you know you can't copy are moves because none of us can use magic

  • Cinnamon Panda

     5 months ago

    There is nowhere nice to live on Runaterra:-Damacia is a monarchy with radical ideals, opresses lots of people-Noxus is an empire that makes everyone fight and doesnt care about who dies, is very violent-Freljord is on a constant war between factions for power-Shadow Isles is full of undead monsters trying to take your soul-Ionia is constantly harrased by other nations and birb people is trying to kill you because of terrain disputes-Icathia is full of void monsters that devour all-The void is t...

  • Spades

     2 hours ago

    @Berk Alper Xerath, used to be slave to Azir's family. Betyraed him to ascend

  • Not Cryptid

     3 hours ago

    -Ixtal has all these animal-human crossovers like a gigantic walking mountain a transforming cougar etc

  • Mr. Springtrap lol

     5 months ago

    Sylas is probaly the good guy, not Garen

  • Bruce Villamayor

     5 hours ago

    Garen is a good guy he is just blind

  • tristan feliciano


    Sylas wants freedome

  • /\

     5 months ago

    Meanwhile in noxus:*cruch crunch*Soldier: sir what are you doing?Darius: watching the show in demacia while eating popcorn.Soldier:but sir, that's not our problem, we should-Wait... Is that the guy who uses others abilities?Darius:yep...Soldier:...Soldier and Darius: *CRUNCHCRUNCHCRUNCHCRUNCH*

  • /\

     5 months ago

    @Katsuragi Takumi Darius:yea he's gone taking pocorns,Soldier:but-sir... We just ran out of those!Darius: exacly!Soldier: you're evil... I love it

  • Billy Le

     5 months ago

    When women think they are funny

  • Derpy Potato

     5 months ago

    I always pictured Demacia as the good guys, guess not.

  • jdksdj11

     5 hours ago

    @iulian pripoae He wants to kill those who send him and the rest to the prison. He wants start from the royal family, but not end.

  • Marianne Kelstrup


    @Hi it's Wick the league universe tab.