Kylie Skin Review with Shane Dawson

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  • Published on:  Sunday, June 2, 2019
  • HEY EVERYONE... Welcome BACK to my channel! Today Shane Dawson and I are trying Kylie Jenner's new skincare line, Kylie Skin! This has been such a highly requested review, but it has been sold out and we all know little ole Jeffree ain't on the PR list! But Shane ordered it... And it's HERE! Watch our unfiltered and honest thoughts and find out the REAL truth about Kylie Skin.SUBSCRIBE TO SHANE - ANDREW ON INSTAGRAM - footage filmed & edited by Andrew Siwicki - Studio footage shot & edited by Christian Smith)WANT MORE?? 💛 Getting Rid Of $1,000,000 of Makeup w. Shane Dawson ▷ Shane Dawson Control My Life For a Day -⭐ SHOP the Magic Star™ Concealer & Setting Powders: Follow my TWITCH:*SHOP: FOLLOW MY BRAND ON Instagram: ME ON IG: SNAPCHAT: jeffreedahmer+ TWITTER: @jeffreestarWATCH MORE VIDEOS...................❤️🔮 WATCH FULL FACE OF BRANDS THAT HATE ME ►🍔 WATCH my TACOBELL MUKBANG feat. Trisha Paytas ▷🎀 WATCH ME READ MEAN HATE COMMENTS IN ASMR ▷💄 WATCH SHANE DAWSON CONTROL MY LIFE FOR A DAY ► ► Weero & Mitte ► Our Dive - (courtesy of NoCopyrightSounds)
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  • Zoe Payne

     1 months ago

    shane: *buys $300 of kylie skin*also shane: *doesnt buy a new shirt* 😂

  • ursaltydog

     2 hours ago

    That's a business expense.. :) The Kylie skin crap that is..

  • Reina Arana

     6 hours ago


  • Jake Pauler

     4 days ago

    Shane: making millions nowAlso Shane: big rip in old ass shirt Love that for him

  • Alexis Casson


    That’s how you know he’s a true queen 😂

  • Zayna.033

     9 days ago

    Shane whispering ”they’re a little dry and it’s burning“ to Jeffree like we can’t hear him😭❤️

  • F**K yA cHiCkEn StRiPs

     16 hours ago

    shook as fook 11:59

  • Maham Ahmed

     5 days ago

    Shane and Jefree sitting in Jefree’s office spilling tea and Shane putting on lipstick is such a best friend moment

  • ツchaesun

     16 hours ago

    @Hailey Gannon its just a letter "f"

  • Azul Westpfahl

     3 days ago

    at 14:40 “IS THAT MY OTHER PACKAGE?!” at the bubble i’m dead 😂😂😂💀

  • wigconic

     1 months ago

    Shane is proteccJeffree is attaccBut most importantly, MY favorite duo is BACC

  • Pawsღ Studiosღ

     39 minutes ago

    wigconic YASSSS!!! 👏

  • Sophie .3xx

     4 days ago

    Jeffree Star gets more views on Kylie Skin than Kylie’s actual video 😂😂😂

  • Nina Cookie

     6 hours ago

    Omg so true!

  • Kate

     7 hours ago

    Oops ouch 🙊

  • Avery Sky

     2 days ago

    Shane: *dying with face mask on*Jeffer: how does it _smell?_

  • megan rebeschi

     2 days ago

    Shane: “I know what I’m doing.”30 seconds later:“I drank it. I shouldn’t have done that.”

  • I aM a bAgUeTtE . bRęÆd

     4 days ago

    Jeffree: uses 300 $ makeup Also Jeffree: I FEEL BASIC