Toyota Supra Exhaust Install! (HKS Hi-Power)

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 1, 2018
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  • Charlie Warlie

    Charlie Warlie

     2 months ago

    2:35 resonator got a rip :/

  • Devil0027


     7 months ago

    This might be the first “catback only” Supra vid I’ve ever seen now that I’m really thinking about it

  • Charles Espinoza

    Charles Espinoza

     8 months ago

    Wd-40 does almost nothing for seized bolts. Wd-40 is for water displacment. It may aid so some extent but it's only because it's an oil based lubricant. Rusted and seized bolts, use pb blaster or equivalent.

  • Son of Odin

    Son of Odin

     9 months ago

    Damn ricers and their fart cannons

  • Brandon Frye

    Brandon Frye

     10 months ago

    When you think a new muffler makes your car faster....

  • Josh Trainor

    Josh Trainor

     10 months ago

    Dude like it’s your car do what ever u want to it, like who cares what people say about “keeping it stock” like that’s gay

  • Evan Wagner

    Evan Wagner

     10 months ago

    1989 Supra or 2007 s2k



     10 months ago

    After driving around in my 2jz gte aristo and having been in supras before I can say with confidence that the 2jz gte is the most german feeling import powerplant there is. A 2jz gte feels like a boosted audi engine from the 90s, very refined but aggressive when it wants to be but also quiet. It is the quietest engine I've ever had you could straightpipe this thing and still be quieter than most sports cars at idle and mid range power.



     10 months ago

    I don't really like the hunt logo to be honest it's not a performance brand so doesn't really ad anything for me especially on a car part, you should offer them without the logo as well. You should design a logo other than your name, the name logo is too big for that piece.

  • Rence Fabian

    Rence Fabian

     a years ago

    I love all cars and motorcycles, but the Supra to me is the most iconic vehicle on the road.

  • carguy 101

    carguy 101

     a years ago

    what the fuck it's 300+ horsepower . the fucks TJ saying 250 . the N/A is 220hp .

  • Chino bambino

    Chino bambino

     a years ago

    When the Noz hit, lmfao, too fast.... too furious...too fast foh ya maaaaiiinng lol. Bad ass. You can hear the spooling.

  • Chino bambino

    Chino bambino

     a years ago

    It needs some dish, chrome not required lol

  • Michael Brown

    Michael Brown

     a years ago

    For wheels the CCW 505s look amazing on black and silver Supras. Other mods that will give you awesome performance for the price KW V3 coilovers, Greddy 3 row front mount, a boost controller, and a boost cut controller and you should be around 400ish whp. Congrats again.

  • Ian Miyasato

    Ian Miyasato

     a years ago

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  • brennan f

    brennan f

     a years ago

    Please add a down pipe

  • Lukas Gröndahl

    Lukas Gröndahl

     a years ago

    Just had to ruin it huh

  • falcosbejo Boo!!!

    falcosbejo Boo!!!

     a years ago

    Boo!!! ur face!!!

  • ewan pd

    ewan pd

     a years ago

    @9:39 nah that jks

  • Joshmz3 513

    Joshmz3 513

     a years ago

    The supra turbo has 320hp