Developer Insights: Warfronts

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, September 4, 2018
  • Senior Producer Michael Bybee and Senior Game Designer Andrew Chambers sit down to give an overview of the new Warfronts feature in Battle for Azeroth.http://WorldofWarcraft.comSubscribe!
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  • Richárd Csont

    Richárd Csont

     11 months ago +1699


  • Amplify Magic

    Amplify Magic

     11 months ago +811

    Hoping the expansion continues to release a lot more sets that capture class fantasy again instead of generic sets shared across armor types

  • ReallyRick


     11 months ago +3

    Why am I having a Mandela effect surrounding this new feature? I would have swore they said it was going to be 20 v 20 real players, not AI. Weird.

  • Hanseong Lee Eun

    Hanseong Lee Eun

     11 months ago +13

    They built an AI system were the npcs "spread out"...... Cool.

  • Jason Lee

    Jason Lee

     11 months ago +91

    BFA:Beta For Azeroth

  • Rene Baan

    Rene Baan

     11 months ago +5

    My problem with warfront is that there's no point in playing in it, your going to win regardless if you do something or don't there is no lose scenario meaning people can just AFK while in the warfront which seems to be a design flaw.

  • Edgy Edgington

    Edgy Edgington

     11 months ago +30

    You must construct additional Pylons.

  • CapTrainT


     11 months ago +7

    Would had been really nice if you explained that it takes 3-4 weeks before people can even do anything.

  • Charles Winters

    Charles Winters

     11 months ago +202

    Make it so you can level up your alts in Warfronts.

  • Joseph


     11 months ago +198

    everything is flashback to WARCRAFT 3 ... so why you dont remake a WARCRAFT 3 for the love of god

  • Crazyphapha


     11 months ago +9

    Wait, does that mean Muradin, Turalyon, Danath, Liadrin, Eitrigg and Rokhan will all be canonically dead once the warfronts are retired?

  • SleeplessShitposter


     11 months ago +26

    so it's basically battle garrisons

  • what


     11 months ago +627

    Oh so its alterac valley from vanilla but it's pve
    That's cool

  • IndifferencyHoP


     11 months ago +85

    Farming npcs, waoo...



     11 months ago +8

    large, large experience
    20 players

  • Alyssa Lock

    Alyssa Lock

     11 months ago +1

    Oh look! Super sanitized questions and canned answers. GG>

  • Recraw7


     11 months ago +3

    WARFRONTS ARE TRASH! Your "team and you" did an awful job.

  • D B

    D B

     11 months ago +1

    Literally the most boring thing I think I've ever done in WoW. I don't see how this is a major feature of an expansion.

  • Nikolay Penkev

    Nikolay Penkev

     11 months ago +1

    Amazing development broke all Queues in EU :)

  • MotionRide Music

    MotionRide Music

     11 months ago +1

    6:34 I hope Danath Trollbane says "Step aside, junior" when you click him. ;)