Locked out of my House

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  • Published on:  Sunday, February 10, 2019
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/guHeHxZ0VQg


  • Uwe Nicolas

    Uwe Nicolas

     6 months ago +1114

    4:16 that voice crack is so cute, I can't... 😍😭👌

  • The


     1 months ago +1305

    Last video: "The wisdom juice is kicking in"
    This video: Locked out of my house

  • Jups Crazy World

    Jups Crazy World

     1 months ago +640

    Kid: Mommy mommy look! A homeless Asian girl!
    Jaiden: dies

  • Awesome City Kid 614

    Awesome City Kid 614

     1 months ago +521

    Did you name that Uber Driver Rajesh, a fancier way saying Rejection, because he rejected you of picking you up?

  • ghaid hadi

    ghaid hadi

     14 days ago +266

    PLOT TWIST : The uber she ordered on front of her actual house is the same uber that dropped her off

  • Lead_Marie


     21 days ago +194

    CONSPIRACY THEORY! Rajesh is the guy from the airport line who hates girls! He realized that you were a girl and thought you wouldn’t pay him.

  • Tryndamere


     7 days ago +32

    Jaiden: current objective S U R V I V E

  • Sapp hire

    Sapp hire

     1 months ago +46

    Come back Rajesh
    I’m laughing my heart out

  • Alexacat9 Furstream

    Alexacat9 Furstream

     14 days ago +28

    I was locked out of my house- but uh.
    I fit through the dog door

  • TJ Toons

    TJ Toons

     6 months ago +1811

    It must be a talent to be able to get into funny awkward situations like that even in your twenties lol <3

  • TTV_Unknown 597

    TTV_Unknown 597

     14 days ago +16

    Lol min 2:05 killed me
    Taxi driver: thinking why me and His end
    Jailen: "with the most angelic voice" take me home
    Ik 2019 but i see this when it was out but My last 2 Brain cells process to make a meem

  • Såłmøn fåçėpøøł

    Såłmøn fåçėpøøł

     28 days ago +15

    Uber: Is this your house?
    Jaiden: Well Yes, But actually No.

  • D I S S O L V E D S U N F L O W E R

    D I S S O L V E D S U N F L O W E R

     4 days ago +7

    Uber dude: pulls up to a wrong house
    Also Uber dude: this it?
    Me being the most awkward human in the world : y..yeah

    Yep I’m too awkward to tell anyone that it was wrong.

  • Frostcat


     14 days ago +29

    Wait your at area 41 or 45 YOUR ALMOST AT AREA 51

  • IDC YT

    IDC YT

     6 months ago +1986


  • Hollywood11


     7 days ago +31

    No one:
    Absolutely no one:
    Little girl: Mommy! Mommy! Look! A...dirty homeless girl!

  • Mahdi Rasul

    Mahdi Rasul

     7 days ago +29

    Jayden: shows birthday is on September 27
    Me: OMG my bday is on 25

  • RedRingError


     7 days ago +21

    Can’t you get off the driveway I don’t own already
    What the heck man,I got houses to rob 4:18

  • Xyro MastR シ

    Xyro MastR シ

     2 days ago +3

    Me: doesnt sleep for 20+ hours
    Also me: proceeds to sleep for 4 hours

  • miriaxx


     6 months ago +1533

    did we adopt a 21 year old Asian girl or is this a very unthreatening house robber?