Gordon Finds BLOOD IN MOZZARELLA STICKS | Kitchen Nightmares

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, June 20, 2018
  • Source: https://youtu.be/gubayOtBlDk


  • Orinta Staskonytė

     6 months ago

    look how slimy it islook how slimy it is *look how slimy it is*

  • •Riko chanりこちゃん•

     4 days ago

    lOok aT It


     8 days ago

    I really hope they looked

  • Robert Wright

     5 months ago

    0:55 "It's not frozen now, but it was frozen."Yes, that is, in fact, how ice works. Startling insight.

  • Kingdom Rush Enthusiast

     29 days ago

    @Parker kinda how thawing works


     1 months ago


  • The One and Only Hero

     5 months ago

    "it looks like it's been attacked by cats!?" LMAOOO bruh idk how this man thinks of these insults off the top of his head

  • Max Scardanelli

     12 days ago

    Jewish writers...

  • mozam the arrogant popchips fag

     17 days ago

    @Aaron Garcia Doesnt mean the joke isnt funny as fuck, though

  • Dylan Chen

     9 months ago

    Where is health department of that town?

  • Water Bottle

     16 days ago

    Larry the Cable Guy was busy that week.

  • mozam the arrogant popchips fag

     17 days ago

    @Luke Gervais Also, like said in the end of my comment, your future replies to this will most likely be about how 400,000 is only an decent-ish size/barely city-level population

  • Chinedu Ojielo

     1 years ago

    The more I watch Gordon Ramsa, the more worried I get about going to new restaurants

  • larpi jara

     2 days ago

    Haha gordon ramsa

  • •Riko chanりこちゃん•

     4 days ago


  • Basically Me

     10 months ago

    I thought he was going to say "that sheperd’s pie was more of a shitter’s pie", but he said "if you served that in Dublin, they would shoot you" which was much better in my opinion...

  • Kieran Dempsey

     1 months ago

    Kyzer X shepherds pie is English anyway lol

  • Kyzer X

     2 months ago

    The funny thing is that they would shoot you for serving that.

  • Mai Quartiaz

     10 months ago

    Every time I go to a restaurant, I also go into *_full Gordon Ramsay mode._*

  • KSAM

     6 days ago

    Xin Quiote wtf

  • Scribble Pie

     10 days ago

    *tastes food* disgusting

  • Chris Nelson

     6 months ago

    "I cannot help a situation who are not willing to help themselves"A true wordsmith.

  • PoppyInJapan

     2 months ago

    Haha I like little mistakes like these. Proves it’s not scripted.

  • Lol Lol

     2 months ago

    @Sonim Bopish Me neither XD

  • Vanessa Kelly

     4 months ago

    I'm from Dublin. Can confirm, you will be shot.

  • Kaerius

     2 days ago

    @UB3RFR3NZY The guns may be mostly off the streets, but the death toll is rising, not decreasing. Only now, they're using knives(not to mention hammers, machetes, etc).

  • Dan Joe

     3 days ago

    @Manager Boi Dublin is a beautiful city I live here 😎

  • QuiseGaming 1210

     7 months ago

    Gordon is acting like my mom when i have a dirty room

  • Infectonatan

     6 days ago

    "Look how slimey it is!"

  • Justice for Diggory

     14 days ago

    Just remember rule #1 and you're good