7 Main Tips for New Drivers from Professionals

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  • Published on:  Thursday, July 18, 2019
  • If you have ever struggled with parking or are not sure that everything in your car is set up correctly, this video is exactly what you need. You will be amazed at how easy it is if you know what to aim. These simple step-by-step instructions can be equally useful for experienced and new drivers and we wish we knew them when we were taking our driving test.

    We're gonna start with the easy stuff. The things you probably take for granted or just fallen into the habit of forgetting to do if you’ve been driving for a while.

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    Proper adjusting your seat 0:39
    Mirrors 1:29
    Hand positioning 2:28
    45° parking 3:47
    Perpendicular parking 4:33
    Backing into a parking space 5:09
    Parallel parking 😖 6:36

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    - You want to adjust the height of the seat so that you can see the dash panel and the road clearly. If you happen to be a bit on the shorter side and can’t see over the dash even after doing everything the seat will allow, get a cushion or wedge to sit on.
    - Once your seat is adjusted, lean left and get as close to the side window as you can. Then adjust the mirror until you can see the rear fender. Once you’re sitting correctly, you should just barely see the side of the back bumper.
    - Make sure you can clearly see all the instruments on the dash and have at least a foot (30 cm) of space between it and your body. Your hands should be slightly lower than your shoulders and placed on the wheel at 9 and 3.
    - You’ll need this trick whenever you pull into a parking lot and the spots are kinda slanted, hence the whole 45° thing. First, make sure you’re going down the aisle the right way! The spots should be slanted down toward you, not away from you. Next, move to your left as far as you can. Keep moving until your right side-view mirror is lined up with the left taillight of the car on your right-hand side.
    - The next level up from that is perpendicular parking. Start off by getting as far to the left as you can. Watch out for incoming cars first! The further you are to your left, the easier it’s going to be.
    - Locate the spot you’re going to back into and drive 2 spots past it. Then, and this is crucial, make sure drivers around you know what you’re about to do. Flip on your blinker, and before going into reverse, make sure to look out for oncoming vehicles from the front and approaching ones from behind.
    - Parallel parking. First thing’s first: make sure the spot you want to park in is one your car will fit into. You want no less than one and a half times the length of the car. Drive forward until your car is next to the one in front of the parking spot.

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