3 Asian Americans Say I LOVE YOU to Their PARENTS for the FIRST TIME (parents get shocked)

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  • Published on:  Thursday, November 1, 2018
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/h0kZRHc1nj8


  • CantoMando


     9 months ago +905


  • Bee B

    Bee B

     9 months ago +4081

    "we'll make food for you" is basically chinese parents saying i love you back

  • YooGukk


     5 months ago +1007

    Asian Languages:
    "Come eat!"
    "I Love You."

  • Ahri Dragneel

    Ahri Dragneel

     5 months ago +1156

    My mom: eating a bowl of soup
    Me: mom...I love you
    My mom: awww you love me? If you do then go wash the dishes.
    Me: I don’t feel like giving you my love anymore.....

  • Kate Aikawa

    Kate Aikawa

     5 months ago +771

    As a black person:
    Me: "Hey mom."
    Mom: " The hell do you want? "
    Me: "I love you.💕"
    Mom: " I'm at Walmart what do you want? "

  • anet lim

    anet lim

     9 months ago +414

    How Asian parents say i love you: "have you eaten?" 💓

  • Anita Li

    Anita Li

     9 months ago +3094

    Y’all said “I love you” and all your parents automatically started talking about food LMAO

  • worldfan4ever


     6 months ago +491

    aunts and uncles : * were amazed by their written Chinese skills*
    meanwhile dad : “ ... but then I sent them your writing video and said actually you suck ”
    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 DAD OF THE YEAR !

  • Stray kids Yang Jeongin!!!

    Stray kids Yang Jeongin!!!

     5 months ago +326

    Me: I love you
    "Te amo"
    Mom: "que hiciste?" What did you do?!
    Me: "Nada" nothing
    Mom: "que quieres" what do you want
    Me: "Nada" nothing
    Mom: "hiciste algo" you did something.
    Spanish moms also think something is up😂 DAMN WOMAN!! Its also awkward😂😂

  • Elise Shanta

    Elise Shanta

     5 months ago +264

    i tell my mom i love her everyday lol even when we argue. i never leave the house or get off the phone with her without saying i love you, because if anything happens to either of us the last thing we would have said to each other would be i love you. im like that with all my family and friends.

  • Khin A

    Khin A

     9 months ago +147

    Asian parents way of saying “ I love you” = “have you eaten yet?”

  • Dammi


     9 months ago +239

    Me: I love you.
    Dad: oh, that's nice.
    Mom: why...what did you do
    Uncle: good.

  • sleepy mochi

    sleepy mochi

     5 months ago +97

    I’m asian (chinese/ Vietnamese)
    Saying something like I love you isn’t normal because we don’t express ourselves that way as how westerners do like
    Recently I told my grandma I loved her and she was like,
    “Did you eat something wrong?” Cause we rarely express ourselves probably the best way is
    “I’ll cook your favorite food today”

  • Ello! Oof

    Ello! Oof

     4 months ago +67

    Why are every parent so smart 😂 their all like are u recording? Are u making a video?

  • MusicAddict


     4 months ago +104

    Me: I love you
    Sister: Shut up
    Brother: Makes disgusted face and ignores me
    Mom: I love you too baby!
    Dad: Hugs me silently then goes back to what he was doing



     9 months ago +2891

    Edward’s mom just exposing everything lmfao.

  • eli.TUNE


     5 months ago +90

    If it makes you feel better, Mike, it sounds like your mom kinda said "我爱你" (wo ai ni/i love you) in a laugh-y whispery way at 2:41!

  • sweet & bittee

    sweet & bittee

     5 months ago +73

    "Asian parents are skeptical first, love second"
    that's the perfect description for every eastern parent, couldnt relate more.

  • MC Go

    MC Go

     4 months ago +37

    In the Philippines:
    me: i love you mom
    mom: i dont have money, go wash the dishes

  • q u e s i c a r a

    q u e s i c a r a

     4 months ago +57

    It's so awkward for us!!!!! Like,
    Me: Ma, I love you!
    Mom: Are you on drugs?
    or What do you want?