Vanilla WoW - 46 Things To Expect If You Never Played Classic World of Warcraft - MMORPG Discussion

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, April 4, 2018
  • In this video Vress lists some of the things you’re going to see when you play the official World of Warcraft vanilla servers that have been announced by Blizzard. This video is aimed at those who never played classic WoW back in the day, but I’m sure that it will give you vanilla WoW veterans a nice hit of nostalgia too. Things have changed a lot in World of Warcraft since the legacy days, and I think some of you may be surprised to realise by just how much!I’m a big fan of vanilla World of Warcraft and that it’s probably my favourite game of all time. I plan to cover vanilla WoW a lot both in the run up to the official legacy server launch and when the content is live. However, I’m not going to pull punches just because of how much I love the game, so please don’t get all up in arms when I talk about the flaws of vanilla WoW as well as it’s awesomeness! If you enjoyed this video then you may want to check out some of my other upcoming Warcraft/ MMORPG videos:Is it worth returning to WoW? - it too late to start WoW? - consider supporting my channel by liking the video and subscribing for more content.If you want to be extra awesome and support me on Patreon then you can find my page here: me for regular livestreams on Twitch: us on the Vress Games Discord channel: me on social:Twitter - -’m starting to post all of my videos in blog form at:
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  • Decaedent


     a years ago +267

    1. Old graphics
    2. A different world!
    3. Missing races
    4. Slower leveling
    5. Dangerous world
    6. Busier world
    7. Less storytelling
    8. Less quest help
    9. Running out of quests
    10. Walking
    11. Very few mounts
    12. No riding until 40
    13. Carry your mounts!
    14. No achievements
    15. No group finder
    16. Faction only dungeons (kind of)
    17. No face-roll dungeons
    18. Crowd control
    19. Keys
    20. 40 man raids
    21. No LFR
    22. Attunements
    23. Epics
    24. Legendaries
    25. Pointless items
    26. Resistance gear
    27. Decent crafted gear
    28. No item level
    29. Grinding
    30. Class identinty
    31. Old talent trees
    32. Pay to respec
    33. Buy spells
    34. More spells
    35. Class imbalance
    36. Useless builds
    37. Lockpicking
    38. Arrows
    39. Soul shards
    40. 5 minute buffs
    41. Weapon skill
    42. Server community
    43. World pvp
    44. Long spirit runs
    45. Old honor system
    46. AV for days!

  • Salty


     a years ago +592

    You forgot how epic it felt to get you first gray level shoulder piece around lvl 20 :)

  • coyote311


     a years ago +143

    I miss how back in the day when you leveled you would say "DING!" in a chat channel and people cheered because it actually meant something to go up a level. Nowadays no one says ding anymore because you can cap in a day or just pay for the boost.

  • nordy259


     a years ago +195

    Human questing in wetlands? What about a night elf wanting to do the deadmines. Now that was a walk

  • Introverted


     a years ago +182

    Unlike modern wow, classic was an rpg

  • Matthew Burroughs

    Matthew Burroughs

     a years ago +256

    Not played Wow for 10 years but coming back for classic.

  • Mary Danielle

    Mary Danielle

     a years ago +124

    I remember my first character being a female dwarf hunter. Got the quest to run up to Ironforge for the first time. Was running half way up the trail when another dwarf (male) stopped me and praised me for playing a female dwarf b/c they were non existent then. He then gave me 1g (MY FIRST GOLD) and proceeded to run off, never to be seen again... Ahh memories..

  • Irving Cobian

    Irving Cobian

     a years ago +57

    Mor'ladim!! i remember getting minced by that bastard

  • Digital Gold

    Digital Gold

     2 days ago +3

    I feel like we should have kept wow in WoTLK, that was prime time stuff

  • Koscius


     a years ago +177

    To the people saying that this seems like a shit game-
    The game isn't going to cater to everyone who plays. Some people just wont like the game, and that's fine! The game was trying to immerse players in the world of.... well, Warcraft! The grinding wasn't the "fun" part, but it was a social part. If you have enough gold to buy your ;level 40 mount and training as soon as you ding, and people see you riding it at level 40, they'll know that you worked to get that. It's a sense of accomplishment. Some people may prefer modern's wow race to cap, but I prefer the social game that felt like a world.

  • Schwert_2015


     a years ago +77

    The sense of community is the main thing I miss. Guilds, and friends, MATTERED.

  • kriddius


     5 months ago +12

    I remember once upon a time I used to take out groups for 5 mans and the 10 man UBRS every day after work. I was always very vocal in chat reminding people of things to be aware of, going over strats for boss fights in case someone was new because nobody wants to be the "noob" who doesn't know the fight. I often got whispers afterwards from shy or intimidated players admitting they were too afraid to ask for an explanation and were positive they were going to make a mistake and get everyone killed. This went on for months until I completed my dungeon set and a bunch of other drops I wanted before applying to a raiding guild.
    Fast forward almost another 3-4 months and I'm standing outside the bank in Stormwind prepping for a raid and someone asks in chat where I've been. They missed my daily dungeon runs and once I explained I had signed up for raiding they assumed I didn't have time to answer gear or gameplay questions. I was happy to give some tips from what I had learned from my guild and soon one person looking for help became many. Everyone had to learn somehow, there was very little information out there besides word-of-mouth so I was happy to pass on what I had picked up.
    Within a week or two I was somewhat "server famous" as one of the only raiding players who wasn't a total elitist prick, always willing to spare a few minutes to help out. I chatted with new players about finding a class that fit their play style, told people where to find a good item to upgrade a low level one they were still using and even went to some dungeons or helped quest with people who were stuck or frustrated by failure, and always for free. Many raiders got a bit full of themselves as waltzing about in epics actually meant something but the glory and prestige went straight to the heads of an awful lot of them.
    Applications to the guild spiked drastically, all singing my praises and I was promoted first to class leader, then caster overlord and finally to a sort of guild HR to keep bad eggs from spoiling and to give praise where it was earned.
    All of this, just from being a decent human being in WoW. I challenge you to name someone like this currently in retail. You can play this "MMO" without ever joining a guild, speaking to a party member or even knowing the names of the people fighting beside you, and that is a sad thing to see in any RPG.
    Classic cannot come fast enough!

  • Mit Yelsob

    Mit Yelsob

     8 months ago +19

    back in those day, you actually played the game.

  • Kristian Flamsted

    Kristian Flamsted

     a years ago +25

    You'd actually have to be a group to do group-quests back then.. :-)

  • TheOtherSteel


     a years ago +58

    -- Getting an Elf from Teldrassil to Ironforge; the Odyssey.
    -- Hour-long hearthstone cooldown.
    -- Potions stack to 5.
    -- Bolts of cloth stack to 10.
    -- Herbs, ore, and leather stack to 20.
    -- 16 slot bags are huge and an 18 slot bag is gigantic.
    -- No reagent bank.
    -- No void storage.
    -- No guild bank or guild benefits (not even the restricted amount of benefits in the current xpac, Legion).
    -- Spells had "ranks." As a character goes up in levels, every two levels it gets to learn spells. Sometimes it learns an entirely new spell, but it can also learn a better version (does more damage) of a known spell. In order to use those new ranks, you had to go into your spell book and drag the icon for the highest rank onto your action bars. Many, many, many people would forget to do that and would continue using inferior spells. There was an add-on that would detect when party members were not using the highest rank for a spell and would whisper them a reminder. I always appreciated it, others hated it (I guess they didn't like having their oversights pointed out to them, even privately).
    -- The game does not assist with respecing. Each time you respeced, you had to completely reorganize your action bars. Yes, that's right, the game did not "remember" your action bar arrangements between respecs. About item 32 in this video, paying to respec: each respec was more expensive than the last. Respecing was a serious thing. Just try being a healer while soloing; its mind-numbingly slow. You'll wind up getting your healing-capable class to 60 using a DPS spec, finish your professions and class-questions, switch to healing, and use other toons for resource gathering. If you need to do any max-level questing (or other grinding), you'll have to get a friend to help you unless you enjoy plowing through concrete or are okay with completely reorganizing your actions bars every time you go back to a DPS spec.
    -- Druids! Enjoy going out and questing for all your shapes!
    -- Hunters! You don't start with a pet. That's at level 10, IIRC.
    -- Hunters pets started at whatever level they were when tamed. You had to level them up.
    -- The higher reputations were much harder to earn.
    -- All quest items were put in your bags and stayed there until you completed the quest.
    -- When crafting, all items had to be in your bags.
    -- Professions had multiple trainers, one for each stretch of 75 points. Some were found in far away locations.
    -- Enchanters! Enjoy having one of your trainers inside a dungeon.

  • David Cundell

    David Cundell

     a years ago +122

    Vanilla WoW does a great job of keeping you looking forward to log in, the levelling journey is a masterpiece in character building. It's a real MMORPG compared to modern WoW's action adventure with disposable toons

  • Alex Morrissey

    Alex Morrissey

     a years ago +51

    I Personally like weapon skills

  • BuGoY


     a years ago +25

    I used to love vanilla WoW... but then I took an arrow to the knee

  • Neiropa


     a years ago +33

    Unless I missed it you didn't mention Faction specific classes (Paladin & Shaman)

  • Hzorian


     a years ago +16

    I remember seeing a female dwarf hunter once. Her name was Spiderman, and her vulture pet was called Airforceone. Good times.