Vanilla WoW - 46 Things To Expect If You Never Played Classic World of Warcraft - MMORPG Discussion

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, April 4, 2018
  • In this video Vress lists some of the things you’re going to see when you play the official World of Warcraft vanilla servers that have been announced by Blizzard. This video is aimed at those who never played classic WoW back in the day, but I’m sure that it will give you vanilla WoW veterans a nice hit of nostalgia too. Things have changed a lot in World of Warcraft since the legacy days, and I think some of you may be surprised to realise by just how much!

    I’m a big fan of vanilla World of Warcraft and that it’s probably my favourite game of all time. I plan to cover vanilla WoW a lot both in the run up to the official legacy server launch and when the content is live. However, I’m not going to pull punches just because of how much I love the game, so please don’t get all up in arms when I talk about the flaws of vanilla WoW as well as it’s awesomeness!

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  • Decaedent


     a years ago +316

    1. Old graphics
    2. A different world!
    3. Missing races
    4. Slower leveling
    5. Dangerous world
    6. Busier world
    7. Less storytelling
    8. Less quest help
    9. Running out of quests
    10. Walking
    11. Very few mounts
    12. No riding until 40
    13. Carry your mounts!
    14. No achievements
    15. No group finder
    16. Faction only dungeons (kind of)
    17. No face-roll dungeons
    18. Crowd control
    19. Keys
    20. 40 man raids
    21. No LFR
    22. Attunements
    23. Epics
    24. Legendaries
    25. Pointless items
    26. Resistance gear
    27. Decent crafted gear
    28. No item level
    29. Grinding
    30. Class identinty
    31. Old talent trees
    32. Pay to respec
    33. Buy spells
    34. More spells
    35. Class imbalance
    36. Useless builds
    37. Lockpicking
    38. Arrows
    39. Soul shards
    40. 5 minute buffs
    41. Weapon skill
    42. Server community
    43. World pvp
    44. Long spirit runs
    45. Old honor system
    46. AV for days!

  • velkanzi


     2 months ago

    Why do so few peeps mention the patience required , and the joy of taming a truely unique pet when you were running a hunter alt? ... that may very well run off and desert you if you did not care for it.

  • zKirock


     2 months ago

    It's kind of combination the both are the best.
    More adds in vanilla and, a little of modern, will be Epic one!

  • Samantha Cross

    Samantha Cross

     3 months ago

    You guys have no doubt discovered for yourselves just how powerful the nostalgia blinders are. I’ll be waiting back in retail WoW for you.

  • Josh Langridge

    Josh Langridge

     3 months ago

    You mentioned Hunter ammo but forgot they also had to carry food for their pets ;P Ps pets eat alot.

  • MrJoeGarner


     3 months ago

    I started in BC about half way through, I'm playing vanilla now. It is nothing like the game became later. I haven't even downloaded the new expac, I've decided to pass on it. Maybe later.

  • Furybanana


     3 months ago

    i mean i tough that was if you never play wow .... i mean the first was so stupid so i euh wrong video then bye

  • Firstname Lastname

    Firstname Lastname

     3 months ago

    Took them long enough to roll it back to where it was good.

  • Fluffball Zoink

    Fluffball Zoink

     3 months ago

    Heck No lvl 40 for mounts Bruh forget that i do not wanna play Classic than no panda worgen nor other races BRRUUUHHHHHH nope i am sticking with my Xpacks thank you. Old graphics sucked ballz plus i never read my quests i just did whatever i felt like LoL

  • Drakkenmensch Silverflare

    Drakkenmensch Silverflare

     3 months ago

    It just isn't vanilla unless someone is spamming general chat asking HOW I MINE FOR FISH?

  • Dood Bob

    Dood Bob

     3 months ago

    Watching this while playing the new Classic release!

  • NoTOriOus GRiEf

    NoTOriOus GRiEf

     3 months ago

    Sounds like a pain and a pan of shit...

  • blablabla blah

    blablabla blah

     3 months ago

    lfm ..hogger pst

  • Filip Dominkovic

    Filip Dominkovic

     3 months ago

    I did play vanila, MC; BWL, OLD NAXX and was there when AQ opened.. i had alot of memories back there but still i thing WOTLK was best expo and that's where game started to drown.

  • ladiesmand217


     3 months ago

    Stop comparing it to later versions of WoW if you are addressing it to new players. It doesnt give a good impression, and sort of just acts as a way of saying its mediocre in comparison. It doesnt suit the game experience.

  • Bulletproof Samurai

    Bulletproof Samurai

     3 months ago +1

    Modern wow is overflowing with meaningless content

  • Jonas Bruun

    Jonas Bruun

     3 months ago

    What is the name of the addon used to make his toolbar look like that at 4:40? 😁

  • multipass23


     3 months ago

    basically old wow was closer to DnD then other games...

  • NallorionGaming


     3 months ago

    Want to see an absolutely casual player make rookie mistakes? Want to hear someone complain alot? Come join us on Twitch!

  • JadeRaven


     3 months ago

    My friend groups playing alliance so I'll probably roll a druid or hunter because druids are always fun af and I have strong nostalgia with the old hunter melee abilities(lowkey just going to spec and gear for melee hunter because I can thats why)

    but my first character in tbc was a human warlock, so I'll probably make an alt/maybe main on another server that will be an undead warlock with the same name. That character's been barber shopped, race changed, all sorts of things on live, so it'll be a cool rp thing to bring him back from the dead so to speak.

    And also I always loved the forsaken and was kinda a horde guy even though my friends always played alliance.