Girl Chat: 'Wife Material' and Calling Moms by Their Names

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  • Published on:  Thursday, October 25, 2018
  • Adrienne Houghton, Jeannie Mai, Loni Love, and Tamera Mowry-Housley share their feelings on the expression “wife material.” They also express whether it’s okay to call their mothers by their first name. How would you feel about being called “wife material”?

    Mama Mai’s nickname for Jeannie’s boobs →→→
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  • Jac 098123

    Jac 098123


    Miss and Mr automatically comes out my mouth. Like as long as I got that I don’t even know their name lol

  • Hadi Yazid

    Hadi Yazid

     2 days ago

    Among my real friends are from those ghetto careers. Loud but damn real.

  • Ray Williams

    Ray Williams

     3 days ago

    Loni represents the pessimistic thot, not black women perspectives.

  • Ray Williams

    Ray Williams

     3 days ago

    Loni should be removed

  • lit lit

    lit lit

     6 days ago

    Wifey material is very dumb because it just reinforces stereotypes that women need a man, that they clean and cook and take care of the household. If you can do 1,2,&3 then you're ready for a male to claim you LOL

  • Liane Layman

    Liane Layman

     6 days ago

    I can see not marrying a striper, but you can't cook, come on. if you don't know the persons name of course you call them mam or sir.

  • Linda Awadah

    Linda Awadah

     7 days ago

    My son is 15 and has never called me mom just Linda. I tried so many times to teach him but never succeeded. I am the one he comes to when he is in trouble at school and he tells me everything even if he did something bad. But I will never stop trying to get him to call me mom just once.

  • Jassi Que

    Jassi Que

     7 days ago

    First of all, loni is single. So single people should NOT give advice on marriage, unless they are coming from one, and loni wasn't married long enough to speak on marriage.
    And second of all, EVERYBODY has strengths and weaknesses.
    Maybe some strippers have husbands because they have a good sex life and both people want that.
    And I'm a great cook, but women whom can not cook are great at other things forsure!
    You dont have to love and marry someone because of the obvious, you can love and marry someone because theres things about them strangers do not know. So, how about that judgement loni???.

  • R A

    R A

     7 days ago

    Mannnn If I ever responded with "what!!!!' When my mother called for me...let's just say....I probably wouldn't be typing this comment right now!😂😂😂

  • Monique Meads

    Monique Meads

     7 days ago

    Tamera’s wig though🥵

  • Níria Cachimbombo

    Níria Cachimbombo

     7 days ago

    I feel so sad for Jeannie watching this old clips vs the recent ones after her divorce, she truly believed that man to be something and in the end he showed her that he wasn’t.
    But she stays strong, amazing and funny through it all❤️

  • Derek Washington

    Derek Washington

     7 days ago

    If Lonnie was thin and cute she wouldn’t be so obnoxious

  • crystal barker

    crystal barker

     7 days ago

    I call my moms name when she don't respond. my dad don't care but I call him dad

  • LuckiMe Channel

    LuckiMe Channel

     14 days ago

    Sometimes kids will call you by your name because they hear people around them saying it.

  • Mayra Nepita

    Mayra Nepita

     14 days ago

    Adrienne what color is the lipstick you’re wearing girl 💕💕💕💕⁉️

  • Rebecca Turner

    Rebecca Turner

     14 days ago

    Keep it wide material is like someone you want to take home to your mum

  • Queen'Ra iok

    Queen'Ra iok

     14 days ago

    I love how real lani is

  • Venomlily16


     14 days ago +1

    The thing they're NOT addressing about the " wife material " term is that back in the 40's and 50's ( where that term originated ), men would use that term for women who they felt could be dominated into submission . Back in those days, women were beat up one side and down another and they were told by their parents, " Don't you dare leave him, he's a good man ."

  • G J

    G J

     21 days ago

    Lonnie tickles me. She said there's certain things that she look for in a man. What's that Loni, his penis.

  • Charlene Pleas

    Charlene Pleas

     21 days ago

    My son only say ma when he's n trouble w dad lol