Trump gets testy with reporter over shutdown

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, January 9, 2019
  • During a bill signing for human trafficking legislation, President Trump argued with a reporter over signing a bill that would end the partial government shutdown. #CNN #News
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  • coinsagE46m3

     5 months ago

    It really pains me to know that some people are ignorant enough to believe what this man says.

  • GMan Baz

     14 days ago

    coinsagE46m3 Nigga stfu, you’re ignorant to believe anything CNN says they’re all attacking trump and he fired back so. Wtf do you expect nigga

  • Nick Oz

     4 months ago

    It really pains me to read your stupid post.

  • Nick Sousa

     5 months ago

    i love reading these comments and seeing how many people have had the wool pulled over their eyes

  • Irwinskii Pae

     5 months ago

    Surrounded by YES. People who are very scared of him Such a weak president nothing makes sense just blah blah blah blah lies lies lies and more lies how does anyone buy into his made up fear mongering tactics

  • Angela Patterson

     5 months ago

    I can't hear the haters when I hear the truth on the borders. I listen to the structure on solving the crisis. Let's move forward Mr. President.*

  • Sara Habib

     5 months ago

    The Democrats were willing to play ball back in 2017/16 to the tune of 20-25billion all they wanted was SOMETHING for the DACA kids. All of whom are law abiding citizens brought to the country when they had NO CONTROL! The Republicans had control of the house and Senate for 2 years. Why wasn't it done then? Oh right because Mexico was supposed to pay for it. As far as Israel it's a comparison of apples and oranges. I would get into why but frankly it'd be a lot of typing and I'm sure those that like th...

  • Black Wall Street

     5 months ago

    Out of 360 million USA citizens we got him. Damn shame

  • Gabe Newell

     1 months ago

    Black Wall Street 325 million not 360

  • vandboeffel

     4 months ago

    @Allen Zigger Ellison is born in Detroit. Tlaib is born in Detroit. De Leon is born in Los Angeles. Ofcourse they show allegiance to the United States, that is only to be expected. Trump is born in New York, but shows a surprising allegiance to the Russian Federation. When I checked last time, Mr. Trump wasnt a member of the Democratic Party.

  • JustTheFactsMa'am

     5 months ago

    Loving you Trump the whole establishment is up in arms keep fighting the man. I was hoping for this fight with Obomber. But all I got was war mongering and establishment bull crap.

  • Mad Mike Sports

     5 months ago

    Human traffiing cannot be stopped if don't have a concrete wall 😂

  • Nick Cazares

     5 months ago

    He looks down his nose when he says "Democrats".That is a tell.It says that he actually believes he's a superior human being.He believes his own lie, it's not just an act.#OrangeManBad#Twittler#Tinyhands

  • MoJesEli

     5 months ago

    Trump might not be right sometimes but no one can blame him for trying to build a wall. Swear to god that theres no human trafficing, drugs, and crimes in or around the border on that side. So I say give thanks to those who provoked this. And by the way who is smart enough to see who these people are. Hhhmm MS13? LMAO! You think MS13 runs Mexican mafia, and cartel? Any blind man can see that its not MS13 . But like always as I've learned mexicans have a tendency to put the blame on others and not them ...