Trump gets testy with reporter over shutdown

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, January 9, 2019
  • During a bill signing for human trafficking legislation, President Trump argued with a reporter over signing a bill that would end the partial government shutdown. #CNN #News
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  • RedPillorBluePill


     2 hours ago

    Lol stupid reporter with their obnoxious opinions. What happened to just reporting the news without bias.

  • Benky


     6 hours ago

    So Pussygrabber gets mad at a reporter, well Pussygrabber imagine how angry Government employees are having to go to charities to eat and pay their bills just because you are obsessed at building this monument to yourself, elect an ego driven maniac into the white house and this is what you get, nearly the whole population of the USA regrets that decision and we will be paying for our mistake decades into the future.

  • Molina Martin

    Molina Martin

     9 hours ago

    This guy is a piece of shit. He is obviously lying there wouldn’t be anyone who is a government worker working without pay supporting that rat basterd piece of shit.

  • The Honcho Life

    The Honcho Life

     23 hours ago

    Wtf is wrong with his eyelids...

  • Emma Wilson

    Emma Wilson


    you’re rich pay for a better fucking spray tan. christ.

  • Jeff Mendozza

    Jeff Mendozza


    The prime rib roast minister would kick his ass in a fist fight.

  • D KD

    D KD


    How do federals agree if they cant pay their bills? None of them agree and if they did why didnt they vote for him? A wall is not gonna stop crime or drugs or tunnels. The difference between russia and US is we have more opportunities and with other countries knowing that how are we supposed to feel safe? He hasnt stated any negotiation toward when this will end. He has changed his statements so many times I dont even care to type them. Hes poorly organized and the ones sucking his balls in the white house coughmcconellcough are included PERIOD

  • Sal Carrillo

    Sal Carrillo


    Human trafficking is committed by the Russians. Why won't they stop the Russians from coming into this country?

  • Collin Powell

    Collin Powell


    He's a piece of shit

  • Brandon Robison

    Brandon Robison


    Is he the actual anti Christ?

  • Richard M Tembo

    Richard M Tembo


    Mr. president sort this out soon and let the government begin to function normally again.

  • john johnson

    john johnson


    Security in our country, ya the border needs something done no dout . The way this has been gone about is not it causing conflict between our own kind . With Americans robbing, stealing, going hungry, homeless ect due to economy calapse . If he does a National emergency hopefully Mother Nature behaves .

  • Alexis Herrera

    Alexis Herrera


    Dumb ass

  • Jonathan Personified

    Jonathan Personified


    I don’t see a single person of color standing in that room behind trump.

  • miguel cruz

    miguel cruz


    What a dumb ass!

  • Edgar Delarosa

    Edgar Delarosa

     2 days ago

    He bought everyone burgers now he’s handing out pens for free 🤔

  • Brian Gosik

    Brian Gosik

     2 days ago

    No i have a hard time believing the government workers not getting paid are im agreeance with trump such as the postal workers thinking yeah i can sacrifice a months pay at least and not pay rent or anything for trump

  • Brian Gosik

    Brian Gosik

     2 days ago

    Explain again how his wall is going to have anything to do with human trafficking they traffic people through crates

  • Brian Gosik

    Brian Gosik

     2 days ago

    Ok what about the great wall of china

  • Darnicia Webb

    Darnicia Webb

     2 days ago

    Reporter : mr. President what do you think about Golden State winning another championship.... President: without the wall Golden State won't win shyt.... the wall is his answer to everything LOL...