The most overkill NAS ever... It's finally done!

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  • Published on:  Friday, July 12, 2019
  • 2 years ago I built a server.... 2 years later we are finally turning it on and configuring it!
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  • Igor Tomljanovic

    Igor Tomljanovic

     9 hours ago

    I just want to know .. why did you do this video?? Who would learn anything from this??

  • Robert Coffey

    Robert Coffey

     3 days ago

    The one thing I can say for someone looking to build a NAS: never rely on a single case to house a sufficient amount of storage. Go ahead and get an external SAS disk enclosure and just use an expansion card to connect to it. You'll get far better drive density, better performance, and hot-swappable drive caddies. Trust me on this, it is by far the superior solution if you really need a lot of storage.

  • Jason Majere

    Jason Majere

     3 days ago

    Use it as a render machine also?

  • Mark Clendenin

    Mark Clendenin

     4 days ago

    Wow nice NAS Jay! Tell Jerry to come help with mine next!

  • Robert Ferenchik

    Robert Ferenchik

     6 days ago

    anyone else spot the JUUL charger?

  • Peter A. Morrison

    Peter A. Morrison

     7 days ago

    Welcome to the utility of unRAID.

  • artlessknave


     7 days ago

    if you want freenas always check the freebsd compatibility lists and try and buy that hardware. freebsd is great when it works, but is very manual when it doesnt. I'm not sure for unraid...but raid cards + zfs is not a good idea, unless you remove the raid component of the raid card. some RAID cards add junk to the hard drives even in "passthrou jbod modes", which mangles data if you use any other card.

  • johnneal cabalteja

    johnneal cabalteja

     7 days ago

    theslowmoguys.its gone in 4months

  • Kaloyan Nikolov

    Kaloyan Nikolov

     7 days ago

    I can't make if the entire time he's looking at Jay is with admiration or resentment :D

  • Rarokillo


     7 days ago

    Probably it's late to say but I had also a drivers issue with FreeNAS, finally i went to Openmediavault, it's almost the same of freeNas but instead of FreeBSD is a Debian.

  • Albertus de Wet

    Albertus de Wet

     7 days ago

    Would like to see a tutorial on this build, but more the setup/configuration that was done. Possible?

  • Deez Nutz

    Deez Nutz

     7 days ago

    Someone should explain the difference between bits and bytes. There is no way a 10 gigabit connection would be bottle necked by even the slowest SSD.

  • Drew Jackson

    Drew Jackson

     7 days ago

    @13:28 yes, that is correct way modem router switch, not the other way around.. .. ;-)

  • Radical HippieTech

    Radical HippieTech

     14 days ago

    It's not a real window it's just a light........ lol
    Nice NAS..... I learned long time ago when dealing with network management naming is like the most important part of it. When you have 100 or 1000 computers and drives easy to get lost..... I see future many more SSD will be installed........

  • Nicholas Lovan

    Nicholas Lovan

     1 months ago

    "I made a video once" -I know that feeling...

  • Marcel Etchart

    Marcel Etchart

     2 months ago

    May I recommend you link the video to your server build. I would have paused and watched that first :P

  • Aviv Ronen

    Aviv Ronen

     2 months ago

    Link to the sata and 10gbe controller?

  • Mullvaden83


     2 months ago

    Your speed test was fast cause you copied to the cache and not the array. You always copy to the cache then unraid moves the files by it self to the array at set intervals that you tell it to. And that is slow. Like 30mb / sec.

  • Brynden Rivers

    Brynden Rivers

     2 months ago

    Not to sound like a snob, but when you only have 2x 10G ports, I wouldn't classify that as a 10G network. Hell, Jay makes way more money than I do and I have a Netgear XS712T (10x 10GBase-T + 2x SFP+)... you could have bought a Netgear xs708T for a $200 more than that Asus toy, but I would have expected Jay to at least have something like an XS716T

  • Lauri L

    Lauri L

     2 months ago

    "I wish I knew more about..." - just do it and learn while doing it?!