Mary J. Blige Tried to WARN Us About A'ALIYAH

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  • Published on:  Sunday, January 6, 2019
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    In no way did I state the rumor that is circulating around the internet about Aaliyah's mother allegedly sleeping with her daughter and R.Kelly is fact. I wasn't there, and am confused as everyone else. .....EVERYTHING IS ALLEGED!!!!!!!!!!
    All Rumors in this video are alleged, and public knowledge across the internet.
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  • Queen Shadey

    Queen Shadey

     yesterday +209

    I think Aaliyah was Beyoncé’s sacrifice. Here’s my theory (hear me out:)
    Aaliyah was getting extremely big throughout the music and acting industries. Aaliyah was in Romeo must die and queen of the damned, which she made 12 million off of alone. She was also going to be in the matrix and the matrix remake, sparkle, and HONEY. In 2001, Aaliyah died. In 2003, crazy in love was released by beyonce. After Aaliyah died Beyoncé got even more famous, fast, and became a solo artist and eventually became the mega star we know today. Now, you guys could be skeptical, but here are some other points relating to my theory;
    I believe that the “higher powers” were going to pick someone that could easily influence people with their star power and music. Their first few picks to be the “leader” of the new generation of music was Brandi, Monica, Beyoncé, and Aaliyah. None of them made the cut EXCEPT Aaliyah. Aaliyah refused. But because her UNCLE had already offered up her soul, her blood price would have to be paid one way or another. Either she would kill and have her soul taken away from her, or she would die because she refused. Aaliyah Refused, and the blood price was left unpaid. Her uncle was in hot water, he had to replace the debt he owed the higher powers. He chose, to kill his niece to save himself. Remind you; he was a mason, and masons have close ties to the Illuminati. Once she was killed, the runner up was chosen to take over, and that was Beyoncé. Jay z was more of the guider, he is an important figure in the Illuminati and his task was to lead the new Illuminati “King or Queen” in the right direction. Aaliyah strayed too far from that path and was sacrificed, her star power given to Beyoncé. Jay Z also discovered RIHANNA, who started off as a sweet innocent girl and then “went bad.” He even said that in Beyoncé’s crazy in love. “Good girl gone bad.” But why? Because, they have to go through brain altering simulations so they can FULLY become Illuminati puppets, they use drugs, sex appeal, and violence to control the people in their music. But subconsciously, using the lyrics, call out for help and tell us to wake up if you play their songs backwards. Aaliyah always had a fear of
    Planes. Why? Because she was told how she was going to die. When asked WHY she had to get on that specific plane? She simply replied, “I just gotta do it.” Because she knew she would not be getting off. Aaliyah didn’t sell herself so she was killed. Even artists like drake, Mary j, and all other artists who got “inspiration” from her like Rihanna, kash doll and even Whitney Houston, knew what happened to her. They all felt bad but they couldn’t do anything. In conclusion,The “true queen” of the Illuminati is Aaliyah. Beyoncé was the runner up. Aaliyah didn’t fulfill her duties that were given to her before she could say no, and was killed. Beyoncé replaced her and Rihanna became Beyoncé’s runner up. Funny how jay z went to one of the poorest islands in the work looking for “talent.” No. He already knew who he was looking for. I know it’s a lot but that’s just my theory lol. Thanks guys

  • Sheena Rehema

    Sheena Rehema

     5 minutes ago

    I really do belive there's evil in the music industry. her death was definetly weird and made no sense and how did one person survive that? something is wrong in the industry there definetly doing some devilish things. even after listening to some music at home I always feel weird so how I've stopped playing music in my house

  • Kaya Childs

    Kaya Childs

     12 minutes ago

    I personally feel like R kelly was so in love with that young girl that after she tried to leave him he had something to do with her death. We all know he controlled everyone he had a sexual encounter with so why would she be any different? Maybe her personality kept her from being controlled and rob didn’t like that idk maybe I’m wrong but it’s really strange that before her death she stopped contacting r kelly and gravitated more to Damien dash maybe r kelly was jealous

  • Zippered Zippy

    Zippered Zippy

     23 minutes ago

    Starts at 7:25

  • Sheena Rehema

    Sheena Rehema

     30 minutes ago

    what does his ex wife having his last name have to do with her abuse? very distasteful video! have u forgotten they have 3 kids!

  • brinda oviedo

    brinda oviedo

     44 minutes ago

    Cant yall leave aaliyah alone shes been dead for like 20 yrs already .🙄

  • C J

    C J

     59 minutes ago

    Lady please stop being an apologist for a child molester. You can add what you want but ponder one thing. Does it change his desires and actions to be with underaged girls?

  • Suki Singh

    Suki Singh

     an hour ago

    You should be ashamed of yourself for even making this video. Speaking as a survivor myself, I walk around with my head held high, I laugh, I smile and crack jokes. But according to your video us "victims" arent suppose to be happy? Gtfoh...I also know a lot of people who are divorced that kept the husbands last name. Who cares, what's it to you?

  • Lashaun jones

    Lashaun jones

     an hour ago

    If u go deep in the story not only the pilot was overloaded but the pilot driver was on drugs... .

  • Jasmine Ivy

    Jasmine Ivy

     an hour ago

    I take it you aren’t married with children. Otherwise you’d likely understand why some women choose to keep the name their children have after divorce.

  • MissN Perfection

    MissN Perfection

     2 hours ago

    Something sinister is a foot in your brain...this video is trash!! Glad to see all the dislikes!! Glad people can see through your garbage!🙄

  • Lindsay Booth

    Lindsay Booth

     2 hours ago

    You're disgusting

  • Jai Norman

    Jai Norman

     2 hours ago

    The king of r&b!

  • Jordon Sandra Lee

    Jordon Sandra Lee

     3 hours ago +1

    This video is fucking stupid

  • Deborah cooke

    Deborah cooke

     3 hours ago

    Mean shit huh smh 🤦🏻‍♀️ disgusting seeing women talk about women like that

  • Evrett


     4 hours ago

    Wtf you just danced around it. Just tell us wtf happened.

  • Kelly M

    Kelly M

     5 hours ago

    “Bitch, this is not Ramadan.” YAAAAASSSSS 🙌🏻❤️

  • Kam Murphy

    Kam Murphy

     5 hours ago

    How the actuall fuck did he survive??? Look at that plane!! Its wrecked !! The front is gone! But that pos survived... And if its true! About the 3some! Omg...and I always believed, it was bs!!

  • OurDevineDestiny


     6 hours ago

    Some women keep their married name because of their children. They want to have the same name as HER CHILDREN.

  • Mari Coronado

    Mari Coronado

     6 hours ago

    thank u 4 tha video I have been think in bout this 4 along time