The Oscars Jokes Kevin Hart Would Have Told

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  • Published on:  Thursday, January 10, 2019
  • 'The Upside' star Kevin Hart tries out the material he was preparing for the Oscars ceremony.

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  • James Filloramo

    James Filloramo

     18 minutes ago

    How about actually apologizing for your homophobia instead of beating around the bush and playing the victim for losing a job? He can be over it if he wants but I hope that it continues to linger over his career. He never apologized, he complained about apologizing

  • Tutu Tutu

    Tutu Tutu

     32 minutes ago

    Was it cringy?

  • Tutu Tutu

    Tutu Tutu

     43 minutes ago

    Why's Kevin Hart's not Ant man?

  • Giles alakija

    Giles alakija

     43 minutes ago


  • Kyle F

    Kyle F

     an hour ago

    It's Meryl not "Merle", Kevin.

  • khaled s

    khaled s

     an hour ago

    The same way you have the right to be gay, I have the right to hate your guts. I won't follow you down the street and stab your heart out just because you're gay, you will find your punishment ahead of you in the judgment day, with that being said i will not let you shove your bull shit and mental illness down my throat. And that's that.

  • Steven Uzoukwu

    Steven Uzoukwu

     an hour ago

    The Oscars missed out on one hell of a host/performance from Kev. Good job guys, wont watch it anyways lol

  • javier gonzalez

    javier gonzalez

     an hour ago

    Surprised nobody was offended by the "some guy asking for spare changes" joke Colbert told

  • Google User

    Google User

     an hour ago +1


  • Clayton Humphrey

    Clayton Humphrey

     an hour ago

    I’m gay. I support Kevin Hart, and I think his stance is mature and is what America needs in these overly sensitive times.

  • 100Moral


     an hour ago +1

    the oscares are full of Homosexual trigered people? i dont get it o.0

  • tracy gilson

    tracy gilson

     2 hours ago

    Geez Stephen..... what’s happened to you?

  • Anthony Seward

    Anthony Seward

     2 hours ago

    They did not just bite off of Martin's opening theme song to replace it with Kevin's name... wow

  • Zeeshan Aftab

    Zeeshan Aftab

     2 hours ago

    if only actions were taken on more serious issues... America, Seriously? 😂

  • Dionne Townsend

    Dionne Townsend

     3 hours ago

    Love Kevin

  • Bailey Bailey

    Bailey Bailey

     3 hours ago

    Now a days folks are so sensitive and soft, you cant even have an opinion or even a thought that you can express without offending someones feelings. whatever happened to the good old days where I can just express myself say what I need to say and move on and folks wasn't so sensitive and soft this is why this world's going to hell in a handbag everybody wants to be right everybody wants to be politically correct everybody wants their opinions heard and no one wants their feelings hurt and everybody wants their life to be fair everybody wants the world to be fair everybody wants things to be equal and balanced the trying to create this Utopia but the shoetopia is f****** chaos and murderous I'm dangerous no hope.

  • Carri's 3RingCircus

    Carri's 3RingCircus

     3 hours ago

    Saw the Up Side this Weekend.. 2 thumbs up🖒👍Perfection.. Js

  • John Smith

    John Smith

     3 hours ago

    If you're not Kevin Hart, you can say: "It was 10 years ago, let it go" or "He apologised for it already hundreds of times, so that's enough" or "Leave Kevin alone, he's a human being" and anything else.
    If you are Kevin Hart, you can't say: "I apologised for it already" or "I'm done apologising" or "It was 10 years ago and I have apologised already" or "How many times do I have apologise" or
    "OK I'm sorry, happy now?" or "I am sorry for the homophobic comments I made in the past. I was wrong to have said those things, and they do not reflect my values now. Thank you for hearing my final apology that I am making about the homophobic comments I made 10 years ago."
    Get my drift?

  • Mattia J

    Mattia J

     3 hours ago

    Dat Patek though...

  • astone1100


     4 hours ago

    The whole gay thing is gone too far. It used to be do ur business in the bedroom. Whatever. Now its in our face. Men in drag. Its like wait this is not normal bx