Prince Andrew’s Jeffrey Epstein Problem | The Daily Show

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  • Published on:  Thursday, November 21, 2019
  • Prince Andrew breaks his silence about his relationship with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. #TheDailyShow

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  • Toussaints' Wrath

    Toussaints' Wrath

     4 hours ago

    3:00 😭

  • Grace Tukuru

    Grace Tukuru


    I now know why The Sussexes made their bomb shell announcement to distract from Andrew. Meghan is now taking the heat and Andrew has nothing to worry about.

  • The Xhaxahka File Weixel

    The Xhaxahka File Weixel


    Mike Bloomberg's listed in Epstein's little black book with 5 telephone numbers. Look it up.

  • ko napi

    ko napi

     2 days ago

    I noticed around 2012 that the boy I met when I attended the Yosako Isoran Festival in Japan in 1993 and 1994 became a singer. I was sent a support email and was stalked collectively.
    Then, I investigated myself about organized crime in nine years, and learned that Koreans with Japanese names are involved in a lot of entertainment in Japan, and that the money is used to fund gangsters.
    I didn't even know that Japanese gambling and pachinko parlors often sponsor TV shows.
    The Yosakoi team in Kochi, who spread the Yosako Isoran Festival throughout Japan, was owned by a pachinko parlor. He was not Japanese.
    I'm also examining drugs, but the main offender who seems to harass a scary collective stalker is the president of a Japanese dance music company with drug rumors. Not only in Japan, but also in the United States and Hong Kong, I am interested in the connection.

  • sea breeze

    sea breeze

     3 days ago

    0:03 - "kill himself in prison"

  • TheEagleOfLightAndNight


     6 days ago

    Hitler's foreign policy was problematic from the perspective of European collaboration.

  • Preme Supreme

    Preme Supreme

     7 days ago

    #Kudos 🤙🏽 On the Diana joke!

  • Matt Newhouse

    Matt Newhouse

     1 months ago

    Shouldnt the parents of the "children" be in prison? Its a joke when its all about money. Theres no victims here. Just slutty teenagers and no parents.

  • IcedCoffëë


     1 months ago

    Prince Andrew should step down that fat bloke

  • Margit Ouma

    Margit Ouma

     1 months ago

    They called him Randy Andy. Of course he'd hang out with Epstein.

  • Oscar Pineda

    Oscar Pineda

     1 months ago

    As soon as she says "staying" he quickly replies with a "yes." and i dont know what that means but i've seen this shit on Lie To Me #shady

  • msusan eichhorn

    msusan eichhorn

     1 months ago

    WOW! You dared say what most people think! Maybe Andrew is the Queen's Karma for Diana's sad fate.

  • Bruce Moyen

    Bruce Moyen

     1 months ago

    Kindly explain to me why it's okay to have a stigma towards convicts and deny them their humanity. Isn't the reason for their sentence to help them reform? here is a good one for you: would you accept him if he decided to identify as a non convict in the same way that transgenders do?

  • srose 21

    srose 21

     1 months ago


  • Rfldore Krielieupson

    Rfldore Krielieupson

     1 months ago

    Replay as many times as necessary

  • Edeline Chouloute

    Edeline Chouloute

     1 months ago

    Duchess Meghan is the smartest woman in the whole entire royal family including the men and women in the royal family the royal family hit the jackpot with Meghan..................period.........

  • Alexi N

    Alexi N

     1 months ago

    It takes FOUR DAYS to end a friendship!
    Sure! Of course. 😉

  • Sara faraji

    Sara faraji

     1 months ago

    He couldn’t find any hotels 🧐😲😲😲😲

  • Abu Hurairah

    Abu Hurairah

     1 months ago

    a like for last joke....

  • Anne Baker

    Anne Baker

     1 months ago

    This whole thing is some white people shit right here...