A Mildly Entertaining Guide to WayV (2019) Pt. 1

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  • Published on:  Sunday, February 10, 2019
  • #wayv #nct #nct2019 #威神V
    watch Part 2 here: https://www.faceclips.net/video/v2A6qcCBK2U/video.html

    I'm so sorry for the typo at the end. I swear, I watched this video 100 times, but I still didn't catch it. At 15:53, it should say: "Don't let those looks fool you". Please forgive me, this is my first edit :) I promise I'll be more conscientious next time.

    I tried to make it thoughtful and at least mildly entertaining. Some members got more time than others, mostly because WayV's been out for barely a month, and we still don't know a lot about them. There's also not that much good quality footage of them either. I'm not sure anyone will watch this, but if you do, thanks for watching.

    If there are any inaccuracies in the information, please tell me.

    Credit for the subs goes to all the original subbers (Neo Subs, shbup, sseucheong dong). Sometimes I put the subs in myself, sometimes I used clips of the actual subbed videos. Most of the time, if I used a video with subs, it was because I couldn't find another without them.


    Pre-intro: from the end of Aladdin
    Intro: WayV Regular teaser
    Ten: Fluffing a Duck - Kevin MacLeod, Baby Don’t Stop Kr. (live and studio versions) - NCT U
    Kun: Angel - NCT 127
    Hendery: Welcome to my Playground - NCT 127
    Yang Yang: Angel - NCT 127, Firetruck - NCT 127
    Winwin: Touch - NCT 127
    Lucas: Fluffing a Duck - Kevin MacLeod
    Xiaojun: Dream Launch - WayV, Running 2 U - NCT 127
    Outro: WayV Regular teaser
  • Source: https://youtu.be/hLJuuR-t4DY


  • shaky raindrop

    shaky raindrop

     4 months ago +103

    Now go watch part two! https://youtu.be/v2A6qcCBK2U

  • Claudia Vittoria

    Claudia Vittoria


    but hendery is not his real name???

  • Dani


     5 days ago

    omg you just did ten dirty with those old clips 😭😭

  • Jimin does have jams

    Jimin does have jams

     6 days ago

    Bruh I’ve been trying to stan NCT for a long time and I didn’t want to cause the have like 95739104 people in it (I’m jk lol) but now that SuperM has debuted i feel bad for only stanning Lucas, Mark, Ten, and Taeyong so oof. I’m trying to learn the members by subunits and WayV is 🥵🥵 NCT is a great group and I’m not regretting my decision 👀

  • AnnoyingTiger888


     7 days ago

    I'm sorry, but if you don't love Winnie with all of your heart and soul you are a demon and I will stab you with a blade purified by Winwin's smile :)

  • Mikaela


     7 days ago

    Kun has my whole ass heart

  • Goatman Madej

    Goatman Madej

     14 days ago

    WayV aka nct's official crackhead unit

  • ParkJimin huehue

    ParkJimin huehue

     14 days ago


  • Joud Asia

    Joud Asia

     14 days ago

    Doyoung was sipping the tea-

  • Dua M

    Dua M

     21 days ago

    THE INTRO HAS ME ROLLING I CANNOT EVENNN that alone deserves an award

  • ArmyAhgaseAtinyMonbebeStay MyDayNCTzenOnceInsomnia

    ArmyAhgaseAtinyMonbebeStay MyDayNCTzenOnceInsomnia

     21 days ago

    Ich supportiere euch auch Yang Yang 😂
    If I ever meet him I will help him and say that support doesnt mean supportieren but actually unterstützten.
    He spoke denglish lol

  • kurogami


     28 days ago

    Hauptsache ehrenmann im thumpnail

  • One Potato

    One Potato

     28 days ago +1

    For all non-german NCTzens this is what YangYang said:
    Hello how are y’all? We are WayV. We thank y’all for supporting us and yeah see you!
    (To Xuxi: thanks thanks thanks)

  • nina C

    nina C

     28 days ago

    I adore all of them but hendery is my Bias! I just love him a little bit more😄🤗✊💖

  • Ashley Marie

    Ashley Marie

     a months ago

    Winwin is honestly so talented, I’m sad he doesn’t really get to showcase how amazing he is.

  • Blue Side

    Blue Side

     a months ago

    3:11 the 'Oh my god' 😂

  • BlackPink Army

    BlackPink Army

     a months ago

    1:13 UBLUH BLUH

  • OfficialMattOBrienMusic


     a months ago

    Hold up...ex boyfriend? Does that mean Ten is gay and I have an imaginary chance?

  • My name is a dinosaur.

    My name is a dinosaur.

     a months ago

    What's the song played at 15.30??

  • spooky jim

    spooky jim

     a months ago +1

    Ugh noo this was supposed to help me choose between Kun and Xiaojun, but now I have Yangyang trying to be my bias :(((