Inside Hong Kong’s cage homes

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 15, 2018
  • When houses are the size of parking spaces.Follow Johnny on Instagram: the Vox Borders watch page: up for the Borders newsletter: original music by Tom Fox: Kong is the most expensive housing market in the world. It has been ranked as the least affordable housing market on Earth for eight years in a row, and the price per square foot seems to be only going up. The inflated prices are forcing Hongkongers to squeeze into unconventionally small spaces that can affect their quality of life. Tens of thousands of Hongkongers are living in spaces that range from 75 to 140 square feet. To put that in perspective, the average parking space in the US is about 150 square feet. And in the most extreme cases, Hongkongers have resorted to homes the size of a coffin. I spent some time exploring the living situation in Hong Kong to find out why housing has become so expensive and spaces so tight. To understand how Hong Kong’s housing market turned out this way and see how it’s affecting people’s lives, watch the final episode of Borders Hong Kong. Subscribe to our channel! Borders is an international documentary series by Emmy-nominated producer Johnny Harris exploring life at the edge of nations. For more, visit out our full video catalog: Vox on Twitter: on Facebook:
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  • Vox


     9 months ago +1026

    Cage homes are just one fascinating product of Hong Kong's unique composition and history. For more check out the full Vox Borders Hong Kong playlist here:

  • Shane 007

    Shane 007

     7 months ago +4992

    Living in a cage is an insult of humanity

  • Happy Cows

    Happy Cows

     1 months ago +1361

    Sadly enough, prison cells have more space than a cage apartment.

  • Clement Yau

    Clement Yau

     3 months ago +2667

    Lmao 4:07 he was searching up Vox to see if it was a legit journalist site

  • Amy Chan

    Amy Chan

     3 months ago +2255

    I am a Hong Kong student. The new government policy to release more public housing is to tighten the qualification of tenants. My family which has 5 members including my parents, my two brothers and me lose our qualification to live in public housing. This means we have to move away soon. The rent outside is unimaginably high. To save money for the future, my father don't allow me to eat outside, constrain the use of air conditioner, use a dim light, etc. I understand his worry but I still angry about it. We have conflict frequently.
    But I know many people use loopholes to let themselves qualified for the public housing, as my mum told me. I wonder whether some methods they use are legal. That's unfair.
    (Sorry for poor English. I just want to express my anger.)

  • manho


     2 months ago +1272

    HK government: Freest economy on earth
    HK people: Lives in cages

  • Anurag Ji

    Anurag Ji

     1 months ago +585

    I am little poor , but after seeing this ....
    My village is better :\

  • Music Fan

    Music Fan

     2 months ago +731

    I just imagined living there and not being able to fart comfortably

  • Better Tomorrow

    Better Tomorrow

     2 months ago +102

    I guess protesting on the street is better than staying at home

  • XamuraiS


     2 months ago +379

    Hong kong: exsist
    Businessman: i t s f r e e r e a l e s t a t e

  • brayo144


     7 months ago +3486

    What if a fire breaks out? These poor people will be roasted in their cages!

  • Aleks


     3 months ago +451

    When you think you have it bad... Just think. You could always be in a Hong Kong cage apartment with three other people.

  • Anna Sun

    Anna Sun

     2 days ago +16

    wow... I learned a lot from this video. Honestly this is the root cause of the Hong Kong protests.

  • GamerGirlEmily1


     2 days ago +9

    Guy: "this is a capsule"
    Japan: " am I a joke to you?!"

  • Philip Robertson III

    Philip Robertson III

     2 months ago +346

    Oh my freaking God....$300 a month for a cage???😱 I would literally jump out the window out of anxiety.... IF THERE IS ONE.

  • Roman Jones

    Roman Jones

     7 months ago +2408

    these tall buildings are like an anxiety attack made physical

  • Christinn


     3 months ago +952

    Who would rather live camping at those forest insted? 🙋‍♀️

  • Love Yourself

    Love Yourself

     1 months ago +212

    Feeling so blessed to live in a house with 5 bedrooms with enough space

  • mark c

    mark c

     4 days ago +18

    I had more space in my jail cell than these poor people.

  • sean chen

    sean chen

     2 days ago +5

    And yet hk wants do what ? Get squashed to death and live in cages ?