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  • Published on:  Sunday, December 2, 2018
  • Full face using only Dollar Tree products!!
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/hPttAFx49sU


  • Fun With me

    Fun With me

     6 hours ago

    Is she Canadian??

  • xtraorange


     15 hours ago

    I watched 9 minutes of this before realizing what I was watching. I have absolutely no idea how I got here. I am fascinated though. I don't think I've ever actually seen someone put on a full face. So interesting!

  • Jessie Rose

    Jessie Rose

     15 hours ago

    When she says she need lashes when she already has gorgeous lashes

  • Lisa Hernandez

    Lisa Hernandez

     17 hours ago

    I use alot of 1$ store stuff. I love the eyeshadows an the lipsticks. I use a primer on the lids and it give a better opaque color and really shows them off better. I love saving money so I dont use much expensive makeup. I am never mad at it hehe.

  • cute couples XD

    cute couples XD

     22 hours ago

    You should do full eye shadow using only james charles palette

  • Fellow Intuitive

    Fellow Intuitive

     23 hours ago

    It's because you look beautiful without or with makeup

  • Palak Mehta

    Palak Mehta


    2:53 was where I decided to go ten seconds ( 2:43 ) behind and.......wow

  • Jasmin Sandoval

    Jasmin Sandoval


    Omg I never knew you were that pale

  • caroline cooper

    caroline cooper


    Pixi makeup!! Pleeeease!! 😁

  • R W

    R W

     2 days ago

    LA colors is actually a really good cheap brand

  • A C

    A C

     2 days ago

    I been buying this eye shadow from there l.a colors it is awsome!!!!! Girls used to complement my make up and I tell em.. a dollar at Dollar tree 😊

  • Slime Sisters

    Slime Sisters

     2 days ago

    Any one else want a makeup tutorial

  • D. L. H.

    D. L. H.

     2 days ago

    Dollar store products are all from China so there made for Asian complexion I've come to the conclusion but that eye shadow sucks I've used it it's the worst they have a mascara in a blue tube that's the only good thing I found at dollar store I wanted to do a video about it but it was so bad it wasn't even funny.

  • Juanita Alaniz

    Juanita Alaniz

     3 days ago

    You look beautiful regardless

  • Lu Zabala

    Lu Zabala

     3 days ago

    I think is Mariposa, actually. Butterfly in spanish😂

  • hilda amelia fahriza

    hilda amelia fahriza

     3 days ago

    You should try focallure make up from china. Yeah, it's from china but it amazing cheap and good quality

  • Graceyyyy


     3 days ago

    Honestly you are beige

  • JN’s Covers

    JN’s Covers

     3 days ago


  • E C

    E C

     3 days ago

    So do Miss A makeup tutorial

  • 1-800- GET SHCWIFFTY

    1-800- GET SHCWIFFTY

     4 days ago

    I think she needs a new microphone