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  • Published on:  Saturday, April 20, 2019
  • ACTUALLY USEFUL life hacks for my thick and curvy ladies. let me know which is your favorite!!

    FAT GIRL DATING HACKS - https://www.faceclips.net/video/SPO3uFRTnBw/video.html

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/hSJXurWwoN8


  • Stella Williams

    Stella Williams

     7 months ago +572

    I hope you learned something new! I know we got a little TMI but it's worth it to give useful hacks people don't talk about! 🤪

  • Forsaken Rhoeth

    Forsaken Rhoeth

     7 days ago

    Brilliant! Thank you for the information! I learned things today!



     7 days ago

    hello i love your style i m french. Take a look here : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWPoevPN7f63H_uTkXuDRYQ
    same theme same motivation THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION AND SUPPORT

  • bronte8989


     21 days ago

    I just found your channel, your awesome, love your positive vibes...Thank you for the helpful tips!

  • Sam Thomas

    Sam Thomas

     21 days ago

    This video just got you a new subscriber 👏👏👏

  • Michal Streak

    Michal Streak

     21 days ago

    Girl !! I have three pairs of similar underwear like that ! Love from a bbw in South Africa

  • Niicole lemon

    Niicole lemon

     a months ago

    Tbh i feel like i should follow girls with my body goals so i can actually do something about myself.lol

  • Sophia Noèl Christina Santiago

    Sophia Noèl Christina Santiago

     a months ago

    like mold ?

  • Sophia Noèl Christina Santiago

    Sophia Noèl Christina Santiago

     a months ago

    What’s on the towel

  • Nicolé Fleur

    Nicolé Fleur

     a months ago +2

    Probably going to get alot of flack. DO NOT PUT A PIECE OF CLOTH AND MOVE IT BACK AND FORTH/ FRONT TO BACK. Even when you think you are clean you are not. The environmental down there is perfect for fungal and bacterial growth. You are asking for yeast infections or worse UTIs. - health care practitioner. This is from a place of love and care.

  • Vonetta Williams

    Vonetta Williams

     a months ago

    Keep that towel from between those cooder lips ladies🌻

  • Charlene Vance

    Charlene Vance

     a months ago

    Thank you Stella for doing this I need to get over being big. I have a good man and he knows I'm big and he loves me anyway and I love that. Thank you for these words of wisdom

  • J K

    J K

     a months ago

    Idk about that washcloth hack 🤔 I feel like it can easily cause urinary track infections. You’re basically sliding fecal bacteria towards your front with each front back motion. If you want to do this, what I suggest is putting the back of the washcloth at the very front and do one long sweep to the very back so the very front of the washcloth ends at your behind. You can rinse the cloth and repeat as necessary. Always go front to back. NEVER the other way!

  • Kelani Payne

    Kelani Payne

     a months ago

    Literally found your channel, and I'm hooked. I love everything about your channel and you! New fan, sis!!!

  • stacy carter

    stacy carter

     a months ago

    I am binge watching these videos. So informative and she has a true sense of humor about life .

  • Michelle G89_

    Michelle G89_

     a months ago

    Wow you absolutely gorgeous 😍

  • Crystal Ramirez

    Crystal Ramirez

     a months ago

    #1 helped me feel so much better

  • trash princess

    trash princess

     a months ago

    Any hacks for strapless bras that wont stay on your boobs? Lol

  • Syntia Riggins

    Syntia Riggins

     a months ago

    Hey im a plus size youtuber can yall go to my channel and check it out i just posted a new video this week!! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSTYUcgJ2l4DfEOV4GpLSlQ

  • Leys S

    Leys S

     a months ago

    New subscriber!!
    I love you so much giiirl